Thursday, February 14, 2013


Wearing: Earrings from my mother, Estee Lauder ribbon as bow tie, cardigan from my mother, badge from my childhood, Landscape blouse from eBay (ghosts and flowers), thrifted tartan pants and Dr Martens boots.It looks like I'm ready for Christmas already or something with so much red and white... or perhaps I am missing school a little too much and hence had to channel some good old fashioned uniform vibes. I have been trying to wear my old skirt a little with other pieces of my wardrobe but we didn't have anything quite eccentric as these pants. Next thing you know I'll be hanging a poster of golfer John Daly on my wall or something crazy. These pants are still getting a decent work out and I love wearing them with my Dr Martens- I can't wait till I next go to eat yum cha with my mother in the city to wear this some more. The blouse cost something like seventy dollars or something and the pants were super cheap costing four dollars and fifty cents. I think being a fashion blogger and still a student gives me the freedom to dress in a tacky kind of way and clash expensive, luxury pieces with other people's hand-me-downs.

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  1. Those trousers are amazing! I totally here you on the whole student fashion blogger thing, btw. Only without the expensive luxury pieces - my budget won't even stretch that far. Your blog is cracking, and the cats on your header prompted me to click follow instantly :)
    Betti xx