Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Organic by John Patrick Fall 2013

Yesterday I sorted out newspapers in preparation for trash day. Why am I discussing trash day in a post that should be about glorious clothing? You'll find out in a second. Living in my own little bubble of happy isolation I forget about the big world out there unless I am reading- and in this case I found an article dismissing the more creative contemporary ideas of New York Fashion Week, 2013 without a source of the brand. Now for a newspaper that is sponsored by advertisements and is circulated stemming from the major city of my state, I found this heavily insulting on behalf of the fashion world; to criticise new ideas that were actually interesting and breathing new life into knitwear but to leave us fashion-lovers without a name to follow up? That's plain cruel. 

So I was brooding over that last night and tried to busily track down this label (not disclosed here) without luck but I remembered that while everyone else is distracted with the trials of school and mundane routines, I have nothing but time on my hand to review what's been rolled out so far. Street style snaps with many beanies and suits mingling together in colour, but minimalist refinement on the runways. Yes, it seems that designers have abandoned blending and blitzing prints together in favour of mild-mannered costumes for secret super heroes. At the fore front of the battle is Organic, lead by John Patrick; and as the name suggests it is made to tailor the needs of those in moral crunches about their fashion choices. It's been described as inspired by downtown New York- which is something I picked up from it too. I always imagine in my mind the stylish cities being full of eccentric characters, and if not then there's well made basics abound.

The featured pieces that peaked my interest were the finale in blossoming pink, but having gone through muses over brown and black the colour palette as a whole really did cater to my every whim; and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world for having it all in front of me on a platter. Dresses more akin to nightgowns opened the show- and seem like luxurious blank canvases waiting for my hand to embellish them. There's a myriad of different techniques and styles for the dresses which really did impress me. I am so used to chain stores pumping out the same dress pattern every season but changing the material pattern used and I feel fed up and creatively cheated. But not this time. There was the cupped structure of a sweet bustier, slinky loose viscose-looking materials clinging to skinny bodies and a general sense of measured, even-handed luxury that takes its time and saves the best for last. As an audience we are rewarded at the end of the shoe with a burst of colour, but we see the different chic combinations of sweaters, coats and slinky high heels all mixed together. If Alexa Chung: the model/ DJ/ British television presented was represented as a release of clothing I think this would be it. It's quite conservative, but undeniably feminine and also relaxed.

The combination of open coats revealing mushroom and cinnamon coloured skirts and dresses really does put me in the mood for Autumn, a magical time where I am reluctant to let go of the basic cotton t-shirts that were my close friends during magical Summer holidays and instead I take the easy option of layering for warmth. It's also one of the easier ways to create different outfits with relatively similar articles of clothing- as I have craftily found when faced with the difficult task of reinventing one's image. I imagine these outfits to be inspired by women who live in amazing loft/ studio spaces, going downstairs to throw out pristine looking fashion magazines in the recycling. Because with expendable income practically flowing from their ears and onto their shoulders, it's not a big deal to them even in the recession. Women we publicly scorn but then secretly wish to be- suave and sophisticated business types that do yoga on a Saturday morning.

I haven't seen long gloves stretching far beyond the reaches and nether regions of the elbow since the last time I went to the opera. Just kidding guys, I am far too uncultured and have the attention-span of a goldfish and therefore probably could never sit through opera. I haven't even seen Les Miserables yet! Living under a total rock here...But there's practical applications for gloves that long when you live in places prone to colder weather and snow- unlike me living in constant sunshine for another month at least before storms and winds roll in. It seems like such a foreign concept to wear long gloves, but push the long sleeves of a knitted sweater up- but for the germophobe in all of us and people like my mother they will be dancing in the streets clutching their face masks. Kidding once again... my mother really doesn't wear a face mask in suburban Australia. She just wipes everything from the thrift store and library in methylated spirits before she feels safe and at home with it.

So... apparently a big trend of the season is exposing one's self along the tummy line: yes I am looking at you midriff. Which means that peplums will probably fade into obscurity once more and be just another thing of the past- which is great because accommodating with extra curtains of material when wearing a jumper is a more gruelling trial. Also I can watch Clueless just to enjoy Brittany Murphy drawing Marvin the Martian and get ideas about blazers and plaid all over again. Of course the whole point of its use in this collection was the juxtaposition of skin between two matching garments and the visual excitement that's meant to boil in our bloods but my mind leaps at a popular culture reference. Only I would do that. I'm still excited to hunt for matching sets of clothes at thrift stores though, don't get me wrong I know it's an uphill battle and pretty much impossible task but something I am looking forward to all the same.

The finale was everything that I've been looking for in all aspects of life within the last ten days- pink and feminine but in an edgy and different way. There are duo of dusty rose and baby pink, loose slouchy outfits and then ending in uncompromising bold lines. It was the second last look of this collection that enticed me to open a hypothetical door and explore the realms of this collection, but it's not my favourite outfit or look either. I don't think I actually even have a favourite, since there's a well-balanced and uniform look achieved with a sense of ease throughout the collection. There's no real stand-outs because everything isn't vying for my attention and nothing to dislike; and there in sits the charms and wily nature of minimalism at its core. The meaning of life is forty-two, the chicken came before the egg, circle gets the square, GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!

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