Monday, February 18, 2013

Nicki Minaj

Whether you love or hate her music, I suppose it would be hard to deny that Nicki Minaj has some interesting ideas when it comes to coordinating hair and makeup that are original, if not controversial. I felt inspired by the feature of the Nicki Minaj Shrine featured from the Teen Witch's website on Tavi Gevinson's blog and thought it was just too good to exploit this young starlet's style for my own blog. There has certainly been a peak in the wig viewing radar of my Etsy since I viewed an entire, sumptuous gallery of images of Minaj with a whole menagerie of coloured hairstyles both curly and straight. The curly cropped locks remind me of Twin Peaks' very own Donna Hayward but in much more futuristic colours more suited to The Hunger Game's strange city of The Capitol.

Yes I am on fire when it comes to comparative stories and parallels, because I don't quite have the tool kit of cosmetics to attempt any fun looks for myself. Bright pink lipstick, shimmering eye shadows are only just the beginning with hair colour dominating each of her outfits and television appearances, but I can't help but wonder what she looks like at the end of the day and without so much makeup? It's completely her choice and I have been swept up in the anti-slut-shaming campaign of feminism, but is there natural beauty underneath all that or the creature from the Blue Lagoon?

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