Friday, February 8, 2013

Melted Ice-Cream

I've been obsessed with vibes and stuff more than fashion at the moment since there's a few things I am seriously going to buy and I need to wait to save up for them so they are an omnipresent stage of my life. And everything else is on pause because I need to catch up with everything that has happened in the past when I wasn't into fashion and... Argh. My brain feels like pancake batter. Sometimes I get a headache but then I just realise it's been a while since I last ate but this fuzziness feels like it's been going on for a whole now. But you know what? In all the weird, seedy strangeness I've learnt that melted ice-cream looks really pretty when it's melted and ruined, juxtaposed with the dirty ground with it's gooey pure white frost. I miss high school Literature class and learning to be a classy and interesting person. I miss reading hour in the school library and having short stories appraised with a red pen. I miss the glory days and the distant childhood it felt like I had. When I was a kid, I loved waiting for ice-cream to melt before I ate it when I was little, my mother used to say I was eating ice-cream soup but since I usually just eat a spoonful and don't reach for a bowl anymore I haven't done that in a long time. It's my little health tip to stop gorging on too much at once and also there's less waste getting stuck on the bowl. It seems to be more efficient to me anyway.

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