Monday, February 18, 2013

Maddalena Annunziata Antwerp Fashion Show 2011

I previously wrote about the more recent runway show of Maddalena Annunziata at the Antwerp Fashion show, but I thought discovering her earlier work would make for a stirring comparison. Also it's not really fair just to showcase one body of work and then leave the brand alone forever. Could you imagine only listening to one album from an amazing band but not pursuing their other stuff? No, I didn't think so. As always, students have to prove themselves and push more boundaries with technique and structure as opposed to already well-known fashion houses and designers. This hunger and passion for their art is reflected in their creation and hence rewards them with prestige. Something Annunziata may earn with persistence, but unfortunately Antwerp isn't one of the more glamorous fashion shows the tabloids get to hear about.

Anyway, I can get a real sense of what her hand will create as a signature look- something celestial and magical. More recently it was floral garlands with implanted candles at the middle- something which is really hard to do with a hot glue gun. If the substrate is too hot the wax melts and doesn't bond... when I tried to do it for myself the whole thing was a fiasco and a little heart-breaking. But in 2011 there's a more earthy tone about the clothes but the gentle tinge of pastel in the air which look even more stark against a black background and Hollywood-glamour-vanity lights at the side of stage. It seems like a very Wicca/ pagan/ turn of the century look with cute little brimmed hats and modest clothes that seem to cover just about every inch of the model- but I like the maze of material and getting lost in the different components worn together for a single outfit. Everything I try to do in this vain still looks straight forward with stupid mass-produced, store-bought stuff but there is interesting ideas to consider here.

Some of the bigger jackets are more like bulky cocoons, but you have to admire that unique sense of vision and silhouettes vastly different from anything else created at the time. Sometimes not paying attention to what anyone else is doing or the critiques is the best thing- just to let your art use you as a vessel to escape out into the world. I heard singer Lisa Mitchell describe the process of album-making in this way and I think the same can be said for writing and fashion- although each differ slightly in their technical editing stages and perfecting. They also make big and wacky canvases to show off your favourite collection of badges and buttons- something I definitely would love to do since I was always fidgeting with the arrangement of fridge magnets on a weekly basis. Obviously these beauteous jackets will weight less than a fridge and offer a bit more warmth come chillier weather- something I need to consider but refuse to really acknowledge in my head.

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