Sunday, February 17, 2013

Louis Vuitton Spring 2013

Mod spirals out of control (deliciously and in a nice way) at Marc Jacobs latest series of creations, waving the flag of Louis Vuitton. Strangely that seems to be one of the niches I haven't yet explored as a lover of fashion and it was missed altogether in my embarrassing stage of adolescence but I'm glad I get to see this reworking of stark patterns and colour. It's delightfully refreshing to see such wonderful and bold pop colours paired with stereo-sonic prints that also include nods towards nature from an Asian-styled point of view. OK, I admire checkerboard isn't that groundbreaking or anything new if you have ever tried to best someone in a tactical game of chess but the choice of yellow, brown and tan really did throw me off my game and intrigue me all at once. I felt intrigued with the use of two models in tandem together on the runway, but I think it does work in favour while showing off the same print, in variations of structured and classy jacket/ trousers combinations.

When the large and rectangular glasses come out to shine, I can hear the spirit of Andy Warhol triumphantly stamping his feet. If he ever felt that animated and amused by trends and modern pop art worming their way into other mediums such as album art for music releases or diverse and fast-paced fashion. Even now that I stare at the bangs of the models more closely, I curse myself for being so stupid not to recognise the artist's obvious ghost haunting the collection- but what would he think of such a commercially acclaimed and copied fashion house almost imitating his signature look? We may never know.Unless there are some radical babes out there in Internet land with access to Ouija boards and who have a knack for contacting the dead. That might be a cool/ spooky thing to do at a sleepover. Anyway, my little speech here is veering dangerously off topic like a car threatening to topple into a canyon. I can get a really good sense of the characters created from this collection and although I find the glasses clunky looking and wearing them to be a hallucinogenic experience I think they're endearing with the outfit and the comparison between the two options of checkered but matching ensembles. The Grady Twins of The Shining better watch out because it looks like they have some fun competition on their hands in terms of the cute/ matching outfit niche they expertly filled for so many years.

Maybe it's honing in on the social behaviours of high school girls and their interesting bathroom etiquette everyone seems to intuitively follow. Let me explain properly: for some mystical reason when girls reach high school they have to find a buddy to pair up with to go to the bathroom. There is nothing seedy or sinister going on, it just becomes part of the social norm and we operate in that way,- probably to gossip from one hallway and then back again. Was this something Marc Jacobs realised? Or was it all just to garner a little extra attention for being special and different, making the photographers at these shows strain their brains to get the best shot and focus as models grace the runways. Whatever the real reason, it also gave the makeup artists and casting directors something to consider when choosing similar looks between models and accessories of a close proportion. 

Flat and rectangular handbags and clutches were gingerly held as matching headbands and bows so similar to American first ladies of bygone eras strode down a brightly light and larger than life white and yellow stage. Because when you get down to it and deconstruct each garment in isolation on eBay listings or what have you, in the end they are just clothes at hyper-inflated prices. So the fairy tale story must be woven, like that on a bottled water wrapper for us to buy in to an illusion more intricate than the last. The background and decorations surrounding a collection are becoming increasingly more important to selling the overall look of a collection and it seems Louis Vuitton have spared no expense in exploring this option- and it pays off. The soft, powder-puff appearances of side-swept fringes on the models along with a slight beehive bump in their hair along with strong peach-coloured eyeshadow would have me smacking my lips if it was any more fruity.

My mouth was almost poised at a yawn during this stage of the collection: I had wrongly assumed I had seen all there was to stark little boxes made of ticky-tacky, printed onto dresses and matching skirt suits and then the printed silhouettes of blossoming roses. I had all but given up and ruled out the possibility of a come-back to change my views. And then they dropped this exotic and alluring bomb of sheer and unusual pattern on us. I love the 'almost' meeting point between black rectangles that seem to imitate the buckles of straps of a dominatrix leather harness. That's right ladies and gentlemen: the fashion world has finally imitated the fetish world of sex workers in a demure, with a new and exciting pop-mod spin on things. And I love it. It's a little racy and different from everything else previewed in the collection and it came at a critical point when viewing the collection- I only wish I had been sitting in the audience myself when the pair walked to gauge what everyone else thought of it. But then again, I'd hate to think my ideas would be influenced by people I didn't see eye to eye with in regards to fashion and styling.

I've finally learned to see fashion shows all the way through- as opposed to all the half-watched DVDs I've indulged in by myself. Only a companion can ever see me all the way through a movie/ television series. The point is that evening wear ended the spectacular circus of a show in a very vintage inspired tailored dress and matching coat, embezzled with thousands of sparkly silver specs and slightly puffed shoulders. Girls like me dream of finding clothes like this tucked away in unsuspecting corners of thrift stores and charity shops around the globe- transforming an outfit a woman aged in her 50's would wear to her children's graduation into something mature and classy. It's amazing to see Lindsey Wixson, a model at the tender age of eighteen looking spectacular and like a prom date from the 1960s who may be standing at the wall of a transformed high school gym enviously waiting to be asked to dance. Or just doing the damn thing for herself because life is too short to wait. Again, the outfits are made to dress women playing roles in movies and I hope they become just that: but costumes should be worn a little more often than once and then stashed away in a museum. Maybe balance those two elements to cherish and show off a piece.

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