Monday, February 4, 2013

Lana Del Rey

I can hardly believe I've been running a style and fashion themed blog that thrives on aesthetic pleasure for more than a year and still haven't discussed Lana Del Rey! What is it that I've been doing for all this time? FOR SHAME. For those who have lived under a rock for the last two years, she's one of the more celebrated siren embodiments of a  temptress, popping on the music scene and popular culture radar almost out of total obscurity. Her name already sounds like a captured cup of Doe Rae Me sunshine and her dedication towards fans and the time she spends with them is truly a touching sight. The fashion world has also taken quite the interest in her, posing amongst a purposeful sea of Prada printed lips in a gloriously towering beehive while pursing her lips. She's a style icon for the ages, but not familiar or following the mainstream customs of our generation. Instead she creates her own ideas of what's beautiful and shines bright in a see of pop stars trying to top the charts by being true to herself. 

But enough abut the Hollywood dream, let's discuss the lady behind the voice and her sterling image. Free from the Britney Spears of our time there is a more notable artistic flourish about her video clips and a sadness which resonates in her voice singing of personal heartbreak and social tragedies. Everything is shot with an undertone that looks like it's fitted through the filtered effects of Instagram, but her photo shoots are stunning and a little clearer if not under a veil of clouded pink fog. Her voice is a little sharper in terms of the way the mind processes it- it seems to skip the ears and land right inside the brain and can really create some magical moments. On days when I would return late from university on the bus home and the sky was already a sordid shade of black when I hear her voice on the radio it was like a lullaby sung straight from the heart. I've tried to listen to some of her songs that have reached less commercial acclaim, but they can be a little hard to get into. I'm not a super hardcore fan in terms of her entire repertoire, but I am excited she's back in the studio and will most likely return to Australia to play shows again. She mentioned in interviews that she missed her rhythm section of her live band, but the baby grand piano and electric guitar sounded phenomenal when captured for broadcast.

Eyeliner, soft angelic curls and floral crowns are her usual trademarks when fans aim to recreate her characteristic style, but I found a treasure trove of images derived from magazine editorials, her video clips and plain awesome photo shoots. She's unafraid to be feminine and adorned in pink, but there's also another side to her demonstrated in 'Ride' where she is the muse of a motorcycle gang member and in a few snaps she is seen wearing thick gold chains. It's glamorous, but not as we typically know it. I admire her as much for her timeless face as well as her demonstration of duplicity in women on a global scale- because people aren't infallible creatures and women aren't exempt from this either. I can't wait to see more from her real soon and maybe one day see her in the flesh. She wore a bridal gown for the final Australian shows and although you probably can't get any bigger and better than that she will find a way around this to deliver something stunning, special and treasured for true fans.

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  1. the first photo isn't her
    i am absolutely in love with Lana, i want to eat her, really! i am the biggest fan of her in the whole world! i buy every magazine that has her face on the pages. she is a god. she is a style icon of me.