Thursday, February 7, 2013

Karla Spetic A/W 2013

Karla Spetic is back and in excellent form, producing what could possibly be my favourite collection to date: just in time for Fall and chillier weather! The designs are still quite dainty, feminine and playful for a collection released when wool blends and coats are expected. So in lay-man's terms, the clothes could hypothetically be worn to suit warmer weather. But I am just so excited and brimming with excitement to choose what I want from this suite of excellence that being comfortable isn't even a concern. Karla Spetic is one of the few Australian brands that really tickles my fancy and I look forward to seeing what they put together. What they've presented so far is removed from their previous designs of pop art, comic-book babes, leopard print and suits; and returns to pastel tones. 

I am again going through a pastel adoration phase so it wins extra points- which was seemingly impossible but there you to. The footwear for the photo shoot is a pair of worn out looking sneakers in that 1990s-suburbia-tennis-shoes vibe which I naturally adore. I grew up in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, it's all I've ever known and I feel inspired by tales of fashion designers and artists that grow up almost rebelling against the stifling sense of normality. I also have read several articles on the topics from Rookie and Russh magazine so it continually feels like an appealing fantasy. The gorgeous flowing dresses show different personas depending upon how you dress them up and they can be made casual and worn out when slumming- it's all a matter of balance really.Versatility is a huge factor for me when choosing what I want in my wardrobe.

Very cliche tones of red and orange are incorporated for the palette of the season (as they should be), but they've been made so chic and interesting I really can't help but feel weak at the knees and swoon over the whole affair. Warm knitwear, sheer dresses and skirts, velvet and lurex make comfortable clothing both glamorous but minimalist. It saves me having to scour through pages of vintage clothes on Etsy, but there will be hell to pay if I do indulge in a more luxurious Australian brand. I felt caught off guard by the nod towards 1970s kitchens and geometric patterns in soft pastel shades of orange and yellow in the embodiment of a jumpsuit. It's still modern and refreshing though- I really love the modern update on the look of the garment but even more so for the boxy shape of the matching handbag (pictured separately). There's definitely a stronger emphasise on accessories in the way of handbags this time around to exemplify the prints and patterns which I really enjoyed, it's opening new doors for the brand to explore and leading them from strength to strength. 

The trousers are high-waisted, tapered from waist to ankle but not balloonish or slouchy. They actually look comfortable and figure the natural contours of the human body which can I just say is a godsend at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I've been buying heaps of pants, skirts and leggings lately but there are some that have won me over more than others. Based purely on visuals and the triumphant return of their stunning blond model once again these are the pieces that have peaked my interests the most, in terms of simple striped patterns and tones. Many of them appear to be elasticised in the waist with a classy satin ribbon which I am eager to appraise in real life, but as usual all the pomp and circumstance will have to wait. 

What demonstrates the most technique of all the pieces are the ambitious sheer and tulle blocked skirts that cut back and forth between one delicate material to another. I can imagine the sewing rooms now in my mind's eye, fraught with danger of tears and pulling but they impressively managed to pull the whole thing off. It makes the pom poms of the knitted sweaters more endearing, and the colour blocking trend come-back is delicious. I love my eye-catching pieces and conversation starters, but I forgot to consider that this can be achieved without the use of crazy prints and in that aspect it does everything a good fashion release should do: make you ask questions about style, reconsider and see the world in a very different way. If this collection was food it would be an all you can eat sorbet buffet since it's just so sweet. Wish me well in my quest to wear and style some of this pieces on my own with my wardrobe!

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