Saturday, February 2, 2013

James Long Fall 2013 Menswear

A bout of cold weather, some rain and cuddly sweaters is all that's needed to switch my mind back to Autumn and promising tones of orange, brown, green and yellow. It was enough to shift my attention to, and admire James Long's 2013 collection with menswear in mind; which is a first for me but I love my eclectic patterns and this pays tributes to clashing with warmer materials of wool and tweed like stuff. Also I've been soaking up 1970s style like a sponge and I want to find a gateway into the magical trend, so long and wide-legged pants with sharp collars and gorgeous textures did find a way to suck me in and so quickly. I only discovered and picked my favourites of the suite last night, but after sleep on it and under a mammoth amount of wool blankets and a doona (and in Summer too) I thought it was called for. Yesterday I bought a pair of really wicked red tartan pants made of thin wool from the men's section of a tiny thrift store and I think I'm beginning to enjoy wearing men's clothing and stuff again. 

When I was thirteen I wandered into the men's section of a unisex store, bought a short and wore it in front of my peers at a barbecue thing. I still consider it a very large blunder since I had a tomboy look and everything was tight and unappealing, but six years since the incident and completely comfortable in my own skin I think I can stop paying attention to labels and just focus on wearing clothes that make me feel good and create interesting visuals. So expect to see a little more menswear coverage of collections as I lose my bias and open my mind- I am terribly sorry but all the men I'm close with in my life don't pay any attention to fashion and just do their own thing being comfortable and wearing what they feel is right. Which is kind of inspirational at times anyway. Moving on, I'm really jealous of the tailoring on these pants and the silhouettes they create since women's pants of the last decade has been very focused on leaving nothing to the imagination and it's all a bit frustrating. 

I bet as the models walked there was billowing and movement everywhere, but in a review someone complained about the look not being functional? I don't know, I tend not to read things that will influence my own feelings towards the swag of outfits presented to me on an electronic dish from the Internet. I haven't seen elastic cuffs on a pair of trousers since I got my last pair of jeans in 2010 and I have to say it adds an odd dimension of comfort when you wear them but it's not something I've seen in vintage off the rack stores. Maybe it's a modification I'll lend to newly adopted pieces since I do have a sewing machine on loan from my lovely boyfriend's mother. 

What I really went gaga over were those amazing sweaters- I would live in sweaters if I needed to since they just smother you in cuddly fabric and it feels like your clothing is giving you a warm hug. The sweaters with faces on them remind me a lot of photography by Tanyth Berkeley in that glorification of really huge honking noses and lots of fake eyelashes. I know what makes the whole scene ironic is that men are wearing them, but I really want my hands on one and it fits the rule of "If I can't buy a knock-off anywhere and I really want it then buying brand names is OK". I was just impressed with jumpers that in their own right could have been beautiful tapestries and had a three-dimensional fluffiness about them. So as it turns out I am pretty easily impressed on that front, but this collection is still the bomb. The bomb of awesomeness.

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