Monday, February 4, 2013

Iron Maiden

Wearing: DIY Crown, denim jacket and Iron Maiden t-shirt from my brother, vintage Levi's pink shorts, DIY tights and pink Dr Martens boots.

I think it's fair to say I am obsessed with this shirt yet again and my brother has a fairly cool sense of style. It's funny, you don't see people who aren't into fashion as having such a good sense of style but my bower bird mode has been kicked into high gear and I'm collecting bits and pieces from all over the house. Last week it was bits and bobs for my trinket collection but now it's back to clothes. Since I have the house all to myself there's heaps of opportunities to raid my family members wardrobes of things they haven't been wearing lately and reinvent it with pieces of my own wardrobe. Also while collecting I've also been taking the time to think of colour combinations which are mainly red and blue but this one turned out a bit more girly and feminine and I really like it. The top and bottom weren't meant to be quite so distinct and sectioned off but I couldn't find any other blue cardigan or knitwear to wear with this radical shirt.

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