Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hopeless Romantic

Wearing: DIY rose crown, sequin top from Big W, bug printed top from Lenko, Romwe skirt, Dr Martens boots and necklaces from etsy (ginettepomette).

This skirt is my first purchase from Romwe, and can I just say how surprised I am with the quality and structure of it? Yes it's very abnormally short for something that I would wear but since it is made in the style of a figure skater like those you see on frozen lakes I can sit down in it and not worry about everything suddenly being on parade. Also the zipper is hidden and not made the spectacle of the piece which is great because the print is so Gothic/ classical/ romantic. I was disappointed I couldn't find any blue tops or pastel blue to wear with it from my wardrobe, so that pretty much gives my the license to buy and overcompensate for this tragedy to prevent it happening in the future. I don't even have chenille blue pipe cleaners to make a new headband to suit my skirt... something else I need to fix.

1 comment:

  1. Oh I love the entire outfit, so so much, it's absolutely gorgeous !

    Charlie xx