Thursday, February 14, 2013

Grace Coddington

Remarkable people usually put the fear of God in me and make me feel a little sad that my existence hasn't been as stupendous as it could have been. When I discuss these glamorous faces, they're mainly model muses that have taken my fancy- but there's a slight twist on today's theme (if trawling through the photographs didn't tell you that). Today while post Valentine's Day euphoria gripped me, I thought back to what it was like to be a teenager in high school. I thought about peaking in life too young, which all started with a trash-talking conversation taking place in my high school literature class. Now that all sounds very normal, but the speakers were the teacher and one of my friends: about other peers of my year level not connected to the class. While I didn't like the people discussed, I didn't think it was appropriate to do this from the position of the teacher. Ever since then I have become worrier/ fascinated with developing skills and continuing to learn things. Because if this blogging mediocrity and movie viewing is all there is to life, well that makes me feel pretty depressed. In terms of my mental development, I consider having role models who have had fulfilling careers important, and I can't think of anyone else who fits the bill better than Grace Coddington. She worked as a model- but a car accident left her disfigured at the age of twenty-six. She's now over seventy and still works in the fashion industry, but as the creative director of American Vogue with Anna Wintour and styles many of their more whimsical shoots. So models are not just dolls to play dress-ups with, and some can absorb the atmosphere of clothing and still remain relevant even today.

I love feeling inspired by people who continue to do great things, pushing boundaries and not playing victim to a passing fad but it does get me thinking. These days it's more about what my generation and what Gen Y will be known for, other than being pretentious and foolhardy. As university prepares me to become a functional member of society who contributes something back to the wider community is that where my life ends so to speak? As I get older I worry about losing an interest in life and involvement in creative or sporting/ social activities. Or if I will be pushed into retirement by a younger generation because they look down on me. I fear that one day I'll look at my hands, they will be covered in sun spots and loose skin and I will be tapped on the shoulder: told I can't contribute to society. But some refuse to let this happen to them and continue as strong as ever, paving the way and leading by stirring example. Grace Coddington with her billowing threads of orange hair just inspires the pants off of me. She's not clouded by scandal and is just an altogether amazing case example of what you can do when you refuse to have retirement forced on you or lash back against adversity.

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