Friday, February 8, 2013

Farm Girl

Wearing: Vintage straw hat, my mother's shirt, custom jeans from asos marketplace (ChinaPig), vintage purse from Spanish Moss and Vivienne Westwood X Melissa sparkly gumboots.

I feel like I should be heading off to an organic farmer's market or something today since I am just brimming with energy at the moment, but it's actually the day I act like a massive sloth and head off to work late. I've taken tomorrow for a small job I'll be doing but all the same I'm going to have a sense of a hole in my pocket and not making as much money as I should. I don't know why I'm so focused on the material lately, it must be the over-sized coin purse handbag. What I do know is I'll be continually digging things out from the back of my closet to wear with things I've managed to pinch from my family's racks and wardrobes.

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