Monday, February 11, 2013

Donna Hayward

Wearing: DIY crown, plaid shirt from my mother, thrifted hair scrunchy, Cue skirt, DIY gem tights, unicorn clutch from The Whitepepper and thrifted strawberry coin purse.

This morning it felt like I was practically a part of twin peaks- the sky was choked with grey clouds and the soft birdsong was carried on the wind peppered lightly in the background. It was the perfect time to pay mad props to Donna Hayward, murdered girl Laura Palmer's best friend. I think I might re-watch some stuff today if I'm not up to doing collage stuff. Also there seems to be a lot of Agent Cooper fans on Etsy lately, which is understandable since he is such a total babe. Although I had originally meant to try and put my hair in hot curlers and really imitate the style of another era but my hair seemed pleasantly straight this morning and the red lipstick was just as much fun to put on. Balancing things I've made myself, thrift store finds and stuff my mother's picked out on my behalf is usually asking for trouble but I'm finding juggling different origins for fashion things a lot easier lately.


  1. outfit is nice! i liked the crown

  2. I love Donna ! And I LOVE your outfit too! Aah Agent Cooper ♥♥♥