Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Degen Spring/ Summer 2012

While my boyfriend and has mother are finally cleaning out his room today, I am sitting in the dark feeling sorry for myself since I know my knitting lessons are going to be far, far away and I will not have time to learn this magical, age-old skill. Therefore I won't be empowered to make socks and other cute accessories in time for Winter and will instead have to rely on buying things/ freezing to death. But while the weather is still being wild, crazy and totally unpredictable all over the country I thought I would indulge in scantily clad girls in ironic knitted bikinis. Wool being a material that is naturally prone to shrinking seems like the worst choice to make little skimpy bottoms and cropped shirts but it means a lot less work for the person knitting. Incidentally, all Degen pieces are knitted by hand with love in every stitch by cool cat ladies enjoying their youth and not by an arm of seniors, recruited from a retirement home. Seeing the image of the two busily working on their products makes me think of a more fashion-forward sitcom/ drama in the tone of Lena Dunham's Girls which I now watch religiously on a weekly basis.

Back on the topic of knitwear my favourite thing about this collection is the totally mind-blowing, very cheeky and illusion-creating nude top with knitted nipples. I spotted it in a photo shoot also catering for a beanie from Lazy Oaf but it feels good to finally put a name to such an intriguing piece. Naturally it would raise many an eyebrow when worn around the grocery store and generic supermarket but it really is the stuff dreams are made of for me. It pushes boundaries and makes me rethink and reconsider what angles and boundaries to consider to push and provoke with fashion as a tool and it's just so accessible to everyone. Okay, a one hundred dollar knitted nipple top isn't exactly accessible to everyone, but you get the gist of what I'm saying.

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