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Deadly Ponies Dead Bolt

Deadly Ponies have done it again- while I do feel a little let down that there's a lack of original and new designs, I was blown away with the simplicity of colour choices, the line of luxury silk scarves that in chic style accompany their matching bags and the heavy locks. I am a rock freak- there I said it. A proud science student who lusts after a job in a dusty museum or something, but who wears decadent jewellery that has people talking everywhere. That's the vision I set for myself and on my desk I see some Dalmatian Jasper locket, statement necklace of accessory on my handbag proudly emblazoned for all to see. Deadly Ponies really spare no expense in their brand and each handbag is made with pride and joy- you will NEVER find any blotchy stitching or poor craftsmanship on any piece, unless it's the dust bag they send out with every item. They've gone bigger and better this season with more secure brass fittings with DP inscribed on each brass clasp for attachable straps and a little more pampering for the lucky ladies and even gentlemen that can get their hands on Pre-Ordered goods.

It's a miracle that at this stage everything hasn't sold out on pre-sale and there is a slight glimmer of hope that I might be able to secure one of the accessories for myself or even a bag- depending on my lust for good design and imprinted guns on leather (all will be revealed soon). I really do hope to get a scarf though, I'd be even happy to buy it as new rather than waiting for a wave of last season's accessories to hit eBay within six or seven months because I have so many plans for the silk scarves. In addition to making excellent and chic accessories for your handbag can you imagine the glorious nature of making a wrapped turban/ headscarf with one of those babies? The mere thought has me salivating. If you also follow my personal outfit posts you'll realise I have a soft spot for the faux fur charms that resemble tails from Deadly Ponies and that's what I'm REALLY hanging out for, but if I'm not careful I may wait an entire season and never see hide nor hair of them. The key chains aren't always released with a collection, but when they are it creates a huge splash within circles of New Zealand shoppers and internationally too.

This shade of pastel blue is exactly the same as what I had to wear, for every school day of the year, for seven years. It was my prisoner's uniform when I scraped my knees, when I got bullied and all those times I tried to play football with the boys. Some days, more successfully than others. Normally I have a shiver up my spine and anticipate the school bells ringing, the tang of tanbark in my mouth, hear the cruel snarls of teachers who aren't even taking my class and the monotony of ham and cheese sandwiches. But I wouldn't mind dipping my hand into it's silken lining for lunch and relishing the combination of cheap, home made sandwiches with luxury fashion. Because old habits die hard and I try to bring my own food from home wherever I go in a vain attempt to try and save money. I acknowledge that I'm pretty weird like that, but if you bought lunch at university every day for twelve weeks of a semester you could easily lose a few hundred dollars and be pretty unaware of the whole sorry situation. While it's a luxury I could probably afford it's not something I take lightly when at the end of the year I can scavenge sales and reward myself after a year of microwaved meals taken to and from the university campus.

My favourite Deadly Ponies bag reinvented for a few seasons now has remained the diabolically dark but still whimsical Mr Chain Gang. The name itself suggests crime, murder and mystery: although after watching enough Midsummer Murders with my mother just about anything can when all the perpetrators and victims are middle-aged, upper-class English people who are mild-mannered and unsuspecting. YOU CAN'T TRUST ANYONE THESE DAYS. Rant is over: the additional strap with it's many brass buckles and leather shackles is far from versatile but it's something special to look at from the very straight forward design of the bag. And the shade of Oxblood shown above matched with this design makes me feel ravenous and in the perfect mood to read some crime books while clutching a glass of brandy, theatrically sitting in a wing back chair with my back to an open fireplace. Even in the midst of a hot, Australian summer. This bag must be something special to have such a strong hold over me with some kind of voodoo magic.

The belcher link bracelet has never held my imagination, but I am intrigued with the eccentric and decorative nature of this necklace and have always been attracted to symmetrical design statement pieces. It's a weird obsessive compulsive I have with design which has stemed strangely from video games in which I get to decorate a room myself- but enough about that. It's also something a new age Morticia Adams might wear with a long and sweeping black dress ravaged at the sleeves and crawling with spiders when shown in the decadently dark, fuzzy "moss" finish. It's actually more of a velour finish or material attached to brass with the metal presumably showing on the underside as the brand has done in the past with their large scale bag straps. This is all mostly heresy, gossip and my own mental innuendo in the absence of actual and tangible evidence in front of my own eyes. Until I start to take some good photographs and style in a way that is interesting without being too offensive to people not interested in fashion, the actuality I dream of invitations from boutique labels will never arise.

There's always a fun twist about the photo shoot images and amazing themes of the season Deadly Ponies comes up with and taking a break from the quirky macabre, but surprisingly cheerful Mexican skulls of last year are blank-eyed Grecian statues pressed flat onto cardboard. It really exemplifies the mood of the season and the strong colours of red, green and blue: decadent but also classical and somehow stepped in tradition much like the artworks and tiled floors on which some of the pieces were shot with. In it's own way there's a story to be told through the figures peaking behind wallet credit card holder spots and within zippers but it's brilliantly objective and very mysterious. It all reminds me of strange Discovery Channel documentaries on the victims of Pompeii and their possessions of gold coins and amazing emeralds... stuff like that screaming of treasures from a bygone era which is then juxtaposed with the modern day status symbols within circles of well-dressed women.

Since Deadly Ponies featured a season heavy in variations of browns and beige I have become weary of words which suggest an African origin within the brands repertoire. Some of the shades were spectacular and very popular, others, not so much. But I forget just how easily a change of texture can really transform how light interacts with a medium and this changes and distorts a colour. Because when you get right down to it, light is the interaction of photons and absorptions/ emission. Why am I saying this? Because at heart I am just another boring science student at university stuffed with tediously boring information. The point I had meant to make was that the Grigio shade of this season while on leather looks more like a camel colour in the fur it has a smokey, grey/pink appeal. Unless it's an entirely different colour all together in which case you may disregard my previous statement but still give thought to and sympathise a designer having to transfer a colour from different mediums.

Now I mentioned that there wasn't a huge range of new bag designs Deadly Ponies fans haven't seen previously, but the most recent collection, Dead Bolt does have it's moments in the sun. Above for example is something new, but easily recognisable with attention to detail through brass chains and zips, alongside golden labels. The shape is a bit more rectangular than a bowling bag and a lot more glamorous in comparison, it's good to know I no longer need to search a sea of vintage online to find amazing, old school Hollywood accessories in fur. The clincher is that Deadly Ponies do use real leather and fur in their creations, but I don't have to morally accept a fox face staring at me from a mangled stole and having that immediate association with a living creature being used for fashion. I think Deadly Ponies can probably do themselves one better and offer vegan options for their deliciously rich line of handbags but it is hard to find something that can be so rich in colour and texture. It would almost be like launching another line of handbags in tandem with the mainstream line, but so far I haven't heard reports of PETA attacking people with paint and these purses... yet.

This collection has released some amazing stock standard bags that could easily breeze into an office setting but announce status through amazingly soft leather in the deepest and purest of blacks. My mother usually complains about having a million handbags stashed away that she never uses (and I have never seen; funnily enough) and in a strange way it feels like I have a bag lady legacy to live up to. I can see the bigger black bags being in my possession for years and then revealed to my inquisitive daughter one day and they will stand the test of time. There's just so much quality and reputation about this label and what they do.

It's hard to imagine that the leather will fray- unless you're moronic enough to drag the bottom on a bed of nails or you're in fact Morticia Adams and you have a converted iron maiden torture case for a coffee table. On that note: I think these bags would still fit her style... Anyway I'm lucky enough to have a Deadly Ponies handbag myself and the texture is simply amazing. It's like a butter pancake wrapped in silk, wrapped in an enigma. You can never really forget the softness, but there's also a certain weight to the material as expressed from some of the taller bags flopping in the photographs. They're quite heavy in themselves and by the time they are loaded with the daily essentials a woman needs they could probably go toe-to-toe with a dumbbell. But who doesn't want strong and well toned arms as a result from carrying amazing handbags around? You could save a ridiculous amount of money on that gym membership you'll probably never use anyway.

I feel (unfortunately) pretty underwhelmed when looking at the Ryorite, a largely granitic mineral with many imperfections and a very patchy colour all together. For once it feels good to be a snob of something, even if it is just rocks. Yes everything is polished, the edges are rounded to minimise hands being slashed open and eyeballs being taken out- but where is the love? There are many other wonderful but lesser-known (and hence cheaper) stones of quartz and Jasper to choose from but instead they choose that which clashes with the sky blue leather of the bag shown above. Normally I love clashing, but there has to be a certain twist to what I envision and this really does little to satisfy my need for strange combinations. Furthermore, I predict Ryorite will be the last of the solid locks to sell but since it is Deadly Ponies they will easily sell all of their stock regardless. I am pleased to announce though that my heart comfortably belongs to Dalmatian Jasper as far as choosing between the stone lockets is concerned. I can already anticipate their weight in my hand and the feeling of luxury that comes with it. A jewellery brand named Unearthen won my heart with Dalmatian Jasper already, but what could be sweeter and quirkier than wearing a roughly matching set and getting quizzed on the origins of each piece?

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