Monday, February 25, 2013


Wearing: Vintage denim shirt from my mother, Asos yellow skirt, backpack from my father, thrifted ballet slippers, Deadly Ponies Mr Lure fluffy things.

Thrifted my little pony, my little pony charm, Channel [V] badge from my brother, mushroom necklaces from etsy (ginettepomette).

I got my university timetable today and it's just as I expected: Mondays look absolutely terrible and I have to go every day even just for one or two classes. On the plus side I get to use my father's heavy/ industrial strength canvas backpack to lug my books back and forth and I found a chic way to dress it up. This outfit was inspired by the My Little Pony figurine I found in a thrift store and payed about fifty cents for so there's lots of yellow and blue: happy colours to combat the thunderstorms and bad weather of the coming week. Also it's playing on the schoolgirl trend of mid-calf socks and skirts but in reality I would never be prepared to wear these shoes around other than a shopping mall- they're definitely not as strong as my hefty Dr Martens but still a fun way to add some more colour into an outfit.

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