Monday, February 18, 2013

Cheap Monday Fall 2013

Cheap Monday has long been a name I have heard circulated in some of the more expensive shopping centres even in my sleepy native suburbia. Slightly more laid-back and made to fit city-dwellers who have graduated from the boring surf brands that tirelessly rip of other's good ideas; since they so obviously lack any sense of style of their own. But as for Cheap Monday, I always thought they were just the makers of really good jeans, denim jackets and more dark, sinister and edgy cotton t-shirts and singlets. But my old, fragile perceptions changed when hunting through the fashion shows and seeing they had presented. My attention was caught from fashiongifs Tumblr site, emphasising the likeness of some female models to Grimes, also known as Claire Boucher known for her genuine artistic expression of soft vocals and synthesisers. My train of thought than progressed to examine the sharp cheekbones of the male models and ginger red hair: landing me at the conclusion there's a little David Bowie in the works as well.

I think the first time I encountered slashed and then bleached jeans was 2008 when I started on a magical odyssey to discover fashion and other stuff like that but by the time I exited high school I realised my five-year-old-philosophy of avoiding denim all together made for generally more interesting outfits in which I actually had to think. But I love the way shredded denim is handled in this collection to deliver colour combinations and show light and shade within the collection. Oh and the denim skirts- what genius. I haven't thought of wearing denim skirts since I was twelve and have found the whole affair to be a little tacky; even the thought of dressing as Wanda from Where's Waldo for an upcoming costume party and wearing a denim skirt is off-putting to me. But the fraying denim of long skirts is ideal. When the fabric gives way to wear each piece will become unique and tell a story about how much it was loved and ultimately end up different then when they all started- and that's magical right? I can't think of anytime that is allowed to happen- except when some boys in my high school classes had funny coloured shirts due to intense bleach turning navy blue into a comical shade of brown. But that's another story.

Music meets fashion in an underground club of stark black and white, downtown New York somewhere in a place where everything is not as it seems. Okay, enough romanticising the story and back to the basics: there's the usual sweatshirts and t-shirts with clever captions or just a simple emblazoned slogan of the brand in mainly black and white. Colour is gifted to us through chunky knitwear I would love to snuggle in when university really sets in to bum me out for a solid semester and pastel makeup shows us how to brighten the looks with slick hair dye in the fringe and amazing pouting lips. I suggest Sugarpill lipstick for drastic, eye-popping colour and maybe Manic Panic if you are serious about commitment to brightly coloured bangs like party girl Jesse Jo Stark or everyone's favourite underground acclaimed sweetheart Grimes herself. There's something to suit locks short and long alike when colour is concerned.

Fluorescent lace isn't something I ever imagined being pulled off so well, but with powdery blue lipstick and layering it's definitely growing on me. I know everyone is entitled to their opinions but I am so sick of talking the shortcut walk through the department store and seeing lesser brands massacre runway trends with their awfulness- and they definitely love their use and abuse of bright colours. This muted setting of darkness brings out the best in the colour and the texture really does give some great variation apart from denim and cotton blends everywhere. Netted shirts used to layer were a 1990s favourite and it's back with a vengeance on the catwalks, including a little androgyny on the part of male models decked out in black puffed tulle and lace over plaid jeans. I think the presentation and it's eclectic nature is all pretty terrific and far different from other, safer options some designers choose to chicken out with instead.

I'm descended from a long line of sweet, little old ladies so I think it's fair to say I am too blind to make a distinction between burgundy: the colour of everyone's favourite new pair of jeans last year at university, and Oxblood which is a little darker and edgier. Apparently. It's been a while since I was really in touch with style of jeans, sweatshirts and t-shirts in a slumming mood other than walking from thrift store to thrift store and bringing home bags full of vintage goodies but whatever. Even then everything becomes a little muted, monochromatic and safe for my tastes and in comparison to this collection. But as usual Cheap Monday release more exciting denim jeans that keep my interest in boutique jean labels that survive as viable businesses by presenting finely folded piles of cute printed denim. Or new tailoring to make your butt look phenomenal. Or both where crazy amazing designs and patterns are warped around gorgeous and lovely lady lumps that could even woo M.C. Escher. Which is not the name of a rapper... but who is the creator of a lovely but mind-blowing painting we have in our house- the only real painting we have in our house but which is still a silly replica.

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