Monday, February 18, 2013

Celine Fur Pumps

1 unknown
2,3,4 Celine website

Can I just say how radical it is to be filled with knowledge on where to find fluffy high heels that remind me so much of larger Muppets like Big Bird but in fashion form? It feels really great. Knowledge is power and Tumblr is one of the best wastes of time that was ever invented, I take back any rude things that I said previously because being united with good fashion is irreplaceable really. I wonder if the fluffy lining extends to the interior of the show as well, what they're like to walk in and whether fluffy, boudoir puff toe slippers inspired this look. Or late night-viewing of children's television programs. My brother sometimes walks into the room when I'm spacing out reading a book and swears half the story lines to modern television programs are helped with drugs and a pencil, pulled together later to be made coherent. But that's irrelevant.

It was strange seeing the shows look large, shrinking the model's legs by comparison when I first saw them, but professional photographs make them appear like works of art that are screaming for a good pair of statement hosiery and I have an infinite number of sources to help the process along. Why is it that styling outfits comes so easily when I view pictures on the Internet but my own wardrobe seems like a bleak, black hole without inspiration? My room is full of clothes and it still feels like I have nothing to wear for a good portion of the year. I don't think I'm alone in this, or the messy state of my room but other celebrity bloggers are better at hiding this/ have people over for interviews more than I do. And are therefore more motivated.

In conclusion! These shoes are radical, my sad little bedroom in my parents house is totally lame and will never do justice to such texture and radical ideas.

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  1. These are interesting! I would love to see them work with an outfit! It would definitely attract my attention!