Monday, February 18, 2013

Calla Fall 2013

If amethyst coloured flowers were squished flat with a rolling pin and essence of fluffy baby duck could be bottled in the factory were dreams come true, the end result would be the colour palette of Calla for Fall 2013. I love purple, purple dominates my thoughts when pink isn't strangling trying to take control of everything like Serial Mom but there's very minimal orange and red. More to the colours is the combination of tweed like rainbow coats, skirts and long sleeves; jumbled suede patches and silky printed shirts. It's all so magnificent, I can feel my mouth-watering at the very thought of so much wonderful goodness to dig into.
If there is anyone out there who likes to spoil girls, I love skater skirts and rainbow colours. So combining the two elements together makes me so happy I just want to have kittens and sprinkle them everywhere like confetti. I'm reverted back to picking out favourite items from a collection like a super lame teenage fan girl but I can't help it when discussing this skirt structure and the flares of that jacket are like a peplum but totally fresh. Which is great because peplums make me think of rich socialites who go to horse racing events, a world which I know nothing about. The point is after years of my adolescence someone in the fashion industry has managed to create a skirt which looks short but doesn't seem ridiculous when you go to sit down. And they've only now managed to figure it out after years of horrible ra-ra mini skirts and tight, body-hugging material being wrapped around you as a sorry excuse for a garment. I am excited about the development and could only wish to road test it for myself but that will never happen in a bazillion years. Which is slightly bumming me out, but I feel happy knowing it exists in the real world and may one day be in my arms. One day.

Just speaking on two points here: the yellow dots of the pastel eye-makeup and extension of the eyeshadow looks like little butterflies. I would love to try it for myself but it might instead look like a face painter's handiwork. Since most of the interesting stuff I do with makeup is glitter or face paint in the first place. Anyway, the yellow dots really being out the best of the yellow-centric outfits. And are therefore totally adorable and amazing with a print that looks like a vast field of poppies or something. Maybe some other flower that is actually yellow in colour and can't be used to make illicit substances. Moving on, it's not often you see some self-advertisement sweaters since the prolific return of Kenzo back into the hearts of fashion bloggers everywhere seemed to happen like an avalanche of love over night but if you have the space, you might as well love it. I am still rather timid when it comes to the colour yellow- I only ever knew one girl who advocated the fact she would wear the shade well and she was my ex-best-friend.

I imagine working in an ice-cream parlour to be a glamorous experience within the first week, but once everything has been sampled the novelty would wear off. A girl has got to look after herself when obesity has taken it's toll on both her parents who act as a lifelong cautionary tale on the evils of eating an unbalanced diet. Good lord I sound like an over-protective aunt. Anyway,  once all the gorging has set in and you can't bear to stomach another spoonful of peanut brittle or chocolate, then a whole other appreciation of food in pastel colours sets in: aesthetics. This chunky jacket of new-age weave and three-dimensions bursting with colour needs to be complimented by a vintage peaked hat that looks more like a folded origami boat. You know what I'm talking about. And a cute barrette with lipstick. You better believe I will be prowling the neighbourhood for the best pastel jackets and blouses when I next hit the streets to feed my shopping addiction. I say addiction, but it feels like a long time since I really, thoroughly splashed out and bought something spectacular. Aside from my phone bill *groans*.

The choice of colour allows me to breathe a sigh of relief- not to have  cliche colours dominate my own wardrobe for an entire season. And it's also exciting that it breaks the mould of traditional, warm colours being used in fashion with so much technique on hand. Patchwork pants are something more expected from the 1970s when the hippie fad is waning but acoustic guitars still fill the night air with so much promise and freedom. Good vibes, things like that. But with such square and angular pieces I keep thinking back to the way light shines through quartz and in particular, amazing amethyst which keeps on wowing me lately. I watched a lame and boring program about using geological maps/ refresher course on some basic first year Geoscience stuff. I feel even more inspired to look at specimens and be a total rock nerd. I feel like these pants can help on my noble quest.

Of all the dorky Japanese Anime shows I watched as a child, visually Sailor Moon remains one of my favourites and if you too are a fan then you will understand my melancholy upon seeing this blouse and skirt combination. Cherry blossom petals are explored in just about any series under the moon originating from the land of the rising sun, but when they glow bright pink it sticks in your mind forever. I can imagine both the shirt and skirt being worn underneath a sheer slip nightdress from a thrift store, or a petticoat and tuxedo jacket for some strange classy style. Perhaps I can't let go of the Sailor Moon reference and want to add a masculine touch in the way of the male protagonist: Tuxedo Mask who fights along side the Sailor Scouts. Sorry. Once I start fan-girling the whole thing has a tendency to spiral out of control. I also love to collect strange and graphic printed clothes (my wardrobe is a testament to this) and I can see it all fitting together like a lock and key... but many times over.


  1. this is awesome. the second jacket is so perfect!!!!!
    are you going to the melbourne rookie meetup?? do you read rookie?

  2. Ohhh wow. The cut on that yellow floral coat is beast. The pastel-hued skirt and white tee is just HRRRNK. The purple graphic suit needs to be in my wardrobe. You're a great fashion analyst. Ta for sharing!
    Betti xx