Monday, February 4, 2013


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Image Source: Rodarte

2 and 4 Image Source: Lu Flux

Image Source: Proenza Schouler

Image Source: Cat by TAKAHIKO on Flickr
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Image Source: Photographs of Natalie Wood

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Image Source: 500 Days of Summer

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Image Source: Bobbly Rainbow Socks

Image Source: Pokemon First Movie- Mewtwo Strikes Back (1998)

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fy-fruits: Beck, 21yr old 

Image Source: Japan’s Rabbit Paradise

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My mental vacation for the week is over and tomorrow I have a shift at work tomorrow and then another two on Friday and Saturday respectively. It was nice while it lasted, but as usual far too short for me to feel productive enough to attempt finishing watching the Daria series. Today instead consisted of deciding on a holiday to Fiji with my boyfriend at the end of the examination period and before the start of the rainy season and quizzing him on DVDs he has and doesn't have. He does not have The Virgin Suicides, or pay any attention to directors so there will be no Sofia Coppola or Wes Anderson unless I fork upon my own wallet. Harrumph. It's time to score some second hand gold on eBay then. I think I was happier just quietly assuming there was a whole range and library of great, classic movies hidden away in the recesses of his house instead of having him make the quizzical, lost-puppy look when I mentioned something that didn't make sense to him. Oh well, you can't have it all. I also get the glory of making a 'His' and a 'Her' section of our DVD libraries... maybe. I couldn't steer his mind into visiting the island of
Okunoshima in Japan to play and feed rabbits either. I knew that was a long shot, but I am determined to romp around with fluffy creatures and entire crates full of carrots.

At the moment I am again going through a fad of collecting and cataloguing every image on my computer in some sort of theme, the visually easiest being colour and for once I am glorifying brown as something other than the colour of the ground and every tree trunk known everywhere. I am lusting after new clothes and stuff, which I will eventually succumb to but for now it's sending in more applications for small jobs once a day in the hope I can buy gorgeous things on a regular basis. I know it's probably bad for the soul to be ruled by material possessions, but it makes for the best motivation that I know of and I can't try to DIY myself to glory one hundred percent of the time. Besides, when it's grizzly bear onesies, Lolita inspired heart sunglasses and the most terrifying handbag known to human kind I am prepared to hundreds of dollars in order to reward a unique designer for their ingenuity and not pay rip-off artists to plague the fashion community.

There's a lot of focus on natural things such as hair and wood grain, but also minimalism in these photographs which I hope you all enjoy. I'm sensing a permanent change and shift to how I choose to present my collages and blog as a consequence, but everything is still coming together at the moment so please bear with me as I go through blogging puberty. Because the physical and emotional side of growing up wasn't exhausting enough...


  1. Aw I love the Father Ted screenshot! And I know how you feel about thingz - I don't want to want them, but zomg they make life so fab

  2. hey love the photos, nice blog you have! greetings from Poland, i invite You to my blog too :)

  3. These photos are GREAT, and you know how much I love that bear dress ;)

    1. From following your blog I found the bear dress- it's my motivation for all the yucky shifts at work so I can own one too <3