Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Wearing: Miss Shop blouse, Simpsons sweater from Etsy (MyLikeZoo), Cue skirt, Black Milk leg bones leggings, Vans shoes (sophie).
Deadly Ponies Mr Mini Fill N' Zip (pictured in magenta), Deadly Ponies Mr Lure, steam punk key chain from a friend and Neopets McDonald's animal key chain.

Apologies for the rather dodgy photographs, but this blouse really doesn't fit all that well since I lost weight over last year and it makes the sweater look like an ugly elephant skin. Which is a shame since this really is one of my better jumpers and a lot of fun to wear.I might need to revive this combination of beige and The Simpsons when university is back in full swing and I just need a little more fun to get me through the day- towards the end of the week when I'll have nothing but lectures back to back rather than laboratory sessions. Yes, everything is creeping up on me like a lion ready to pounce and I have barely budged on my situation of not revisiting text books when I clearly need a refresher course. Getting thrown into the deep end of course work and reading chapters will soon remedy that.


  1. WOW, excellent sweater!!!!!! and sick as tights bro!!!! you guys get aaaaaaaaaagggges for holidays don't you, can't wait till I'm in uni, my cousins have like three months off.

    1. bro: did you get the email I last sent you? you haven't replied yet