Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Back to Normal

Wearing: Ashish X Topshop spiked sweater, my mother's checked shirt, vintage jeans from etsy (NoteworthyGarments), Vivienne Westwood X Melissa gumboots.

I didn't realise how good collaborative clothing was until I threw this outfit together rather half-heartedly. I also didn't realise how wretchedly awkward my arms look when they hang so limp by my sides. I'm going to have to do something about that sooner or later. The look at the bottom is my comeback when I get called cute too much and instead feel a bit fierce but in a dishevelled way. I was promised late thunderstorms by the weather man today, but nothing has really come about yet. However those striking bolts of lightning will spark my imagination to properly start on my journal (albeit a little late) and hopefully finish my latest DIY project. The only problem is that I need to add many, many layers of glitter onto a very thin layer of paper mache and it's all very tedious. But it still beats going to work and actually leaving the house to do something. A fate worse than death for a dedicated homebody such as myself.

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