Sunday, February 17, 2013

Anna Davern

Why anyone would pay a hundred dollars for decorative and well presented cardboard I will never know, but for aspiring artists jewellery is the perfect gateway to get their name circulating among the right connoisseurs and be shown off. I first discovered Anna Davern's clever idea of making spectacular art deco jewellery accessible to ordinary suburban-citizens such as myself and not having to pay incredulous prices from boutiques such as Barney's in New York. They're the only place I have seen stocking jewellery exceeding prices in the thousands for sterling jewellery of original design but for a university student or anyone who is only delving into fashion as a hobby, it's sadly not possible to stretch a budget that far. 

And that is where these gorgeous printed earrings on sterling silver posts come in. They're flat and two-dimensional: in the literal sense and not trash-talking, so therefore not extravagantly heavy or threatening to drag your lobes down to Buddha proportions. While it is auspicious with Asian culture to have big ears, it's not the desired look for everyone. For much of my life I have half-heartedly searched for decent pairs of earrings and usually remove mine only for work and stick to the same pair of versatile sleeper studs whose main purpose is to stop the piercing from closing over once more. But with small lobes comes the perfect gateway to decorate oneself in dangling creations. And these are decadent, but a little thrifty and cheeky- the direction I would love to take with my own styling options. 

It's not all boring and plain imitation diamond: there are amazing emerald cut stones of vibrant colours which catch the clarity and sparkle of a real mineral, forever frozen in time for your dressing pleasure. As someone who has looked at gems and stuff (of naturally poorer quality) under a microscope- who dreams of making a career of them and flying around the world purveying/ helping others circulate their well made goods, I love the publicity of amazing and lovely treasures from nature. Sometimes I feel glum when studying for science, isolated from the social scene of fashion and definitely weighed down by hefty studying hours as opposed to an Arts' Degree but there are times when I am blown away by the processes of this planet. Sure it's a cheaper paper alternative that can't hold a candle to the real thing but wearing them out when running errands is slightly less ridiculous than something created by Irene Neuwirth.

To Anna Davern's credit, she's managed to perfect the illusion with polished metal links securing the dangling components of quaint heart stones and gems of other perfectly sculpted shapes. The perfect way to showcase a full collection of these beauties to me: someone still loitering in the kingdom of teenage life is with colourfully bright paper bunting punctured with those silver stems. But that's just me. A pure white background used for the photography builds up a real sense of hype and prestige- if I ever get my hands on a pair I already know the perfect outfit to build around them. My mother has always thought I was a bit of a backwards kid in regards to who I pictured outfits and matched things in my mind, but the look really calls for a vintage pillbox hat, elbow-length gloves and maybe a fun t-shirt. Deer Dana are featuring a lovely design of Maggie Smith playing Lady Grantham from Downtown Abbey. How do I know this? My mother is a buff of the series and I naturally keep her company when she watches the show, my eagle eyes preventing her from dosing off at critical moments.

Sadly I can not name the collection from which most of the gemstone earrings were released from, it would appear my source of Alice Euphemia is one of the last places to stock such ingenious accessories. But I was excited to find  brooches of collage-epic proportions featuring wizened looking dogs with bush eyebrows and whimsical kittens highlighted with crystals and regal poses, as you would find in maybe eighteenth century- if there was enough time and money to invest in pet portraits. I have an inkling that they didn't, since cats and dogs remained quite unchanged within the last two hundred years of evolution. Anyway, enough biological and historical theorising: this lovely lady is a genius in the making and jewelery is once again letting wonderful artists hedge their way into their real industry of choice. And I wish her the very best of luck in her endeavours.

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