Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yvonne Kwok Graduation Collection

I think the best idealistic expression and ingenuity of fashion really comes alive when a graduation collection comes along from a new, up and coming face. It's not at all to say their clothes aren't wearable and durable since there has undoubtedly been years of practice and many drafts, marking stepping stones of their progress but we see a true essence of their soul. Everything is more costume like and unbounded- there's a few loose canon ideas generally but they are all lovely. Maybe their motivation falls behind having to prove themselves and stand out. There's more of a hunger to prove oneself without a preceding reputation stretching ahead or weight of expectation on their shoulders. I certainly found that academically living up to no expectations of my parents and set free by no inclination towards a subject or field. Enough blathering on about me, let's discuss Yvonne Kwok who undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of her judging by the ease at which she styles in a very eclectic and youth-centric fashion blogger appeal.

The model presentation reminds me a lot of wild coloured bangs set in stead by more tough and gritty musical artists such as Grimes and vaguely of the punk British street scene where girls where their hair short and aren't afraid to dabble in a little colour. Pastel colours have been pretty popular as of late but it was refreshing to see it not take centre stage of the collection. Intricate effects are what young graduates tend to thrive on and I enjoyed those efforts in particular when used on sharp, accordion pleated skirts and those amazing statement leggings with the knees cut out. It may seem a little strange, but I think those could look one step better if only there were some scabs and stuff making their way in their. And this is why I get called "cute" and mistaken for being many years younger than my actual age as far as my online profile is concerned because I am too caught up in the child-like nostalgia and great warrior-like suggestion of ugly and bloody scabs.

Fluorescent tones were balanced with soft nude tones and a general glistening of metallic threads arranged in the mother of Cat's Cradle yarn tricks. It would also appear that many miniature metal studs were used to paint a spectacular pictures on otherwise very basic t-shirts which instead transformed them from being a snore to celestial and just a bit more hardy. Who wouldn't love being in a mosh pit and having a little armour for protection in the modern day fray? Ah, I digress... The pieces I am really lusting after are the baby blue and pink pom pom embellished jacket because who seriously doesn't get the warm fuzzies when seeing pom poms and fluoro yellow. I wrote over a year ago about the Cambridge Satchel Company's popular bags and I still never owned an authentic piece from them. I think this is how I would make up for the lack of bright and dazzling yellow in my life and also in general to be fun to wear with beige jumpers and plain, crisp blouses. With leather body harnesses. That's my personal take and just one interpretation of some of this pieces singled out and then mentally integrated into my collection.

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