Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wildfox SS 2013 Lookbook

Yet again Wildfox have looked to a teen cult movie made in the 1990s as the inspiration for their latest look book and have hit the nail on the head exactly. More recently it was Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet" starring heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio and this time it is a nod towards the American school system in the Beverly Hills area, as inspired by Clueless. Now I confess I haven't sat down to watch the entire thing from go to whoa but it does have it's moments where I do relate to the characters and their goals and stuff. Cher in particular, when driving "I totally paused!" as she powers through a stop sign in her Jeep. Literally: the amount of times I have done that and the time it took to correct that little discrepancy... oh man. Also when she gets mugged and is more upset about lying on the wet ground and ruining her dress- I totally feel you man. The premise of the movie is around two best friends who are utterly fashion obsessed and have some of the weirder and more eccentric outfits of their time who take a girl under their wing to modernise in their own image. I don't see enough movies where a female protagonist, made to be a little ditsy at times does want to do something nice for someone else. Mean Girls is probably the only major teen girl/ drama/ high school movie released since and features the crueler side of social hierarchy and political games we so often play at that time in our lives. The collection Wildfox have churned out feature some of the witty catch phrases uttered in the movie, printed on over-sized and distressed sweaters, many shades of pink and short hemlines. I don't totally agree with the up-play of sexualisation in this collection, but the characterisation and recreation of the looks is pretty spot on a lot of the time. Being Wildfox, they will charge close to one hundred dollars for a single jumper so if you plan on buying into the dream- start saving now. The plaid skirts and blazers can be found in just about any thrift store, but I do recommend a lot of seasoned hunting first if you want to draw inspiration from the original film text.

In addition to the clothes themselves, the shooting of this look book really went above and beyond the call of duty to imitate and recreate the setting. There is the jeep used from the start of the movie, the tennis courts from the gym class where Cher formulates the plan to go make-over crazy on the new red-headed wallflower student and mansion houses featuring impeccable bedrooms and endless stairways. I think a common trap of shooting somewhere and taking photographs of any outfit is that sometimes the background can distract attention away from what the focus should be. But there's none of the white noise and static here; the setting drives home the message of the story and the economics I guess behind the characters. It also makes little girls like me with very messy houses feel put to shame.

I love the premise of this collection and look forward to seeing what movie or idea Wildfox take on next, but I have to say I'm not overly blown away with the quality of the clothing given from the photographs. My phone bill for the next two years is going to eat away a big hole in my hip pocket so I can't really afford to pay huge prices for printed cotton clothing. Sorry guys, my pessimism and empty wallet full of lint are ruling my decision-making at the moment and hence I am going to be boring and more adult. Honorable mentions do go to the outfits more in the vain of Brittany Murphy's (R.I.P.) character Tai Frasier which heavily featured her trademark flannelet shirts mixed with tough combat boots, floral motifs and ripped jeans. Even some skeleton printed stuff (YES!) made it's way in their under a sea of tartan and plaid. Which of course I am super excited about but also makes me sad knowing it's been almost four years since the marvellous actor that played her died. The Wildfox team even went to the trouble of drawing Marvin the Alien on her binder folder for the shoot. Aw, I miss her so much.

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