Sunday, January 27, 2013


Image Source: Oyster Magazine

Image Source: Oyster Magazine

Image Source: Kester Black

I'm posting another series of mish-mashed images in a photo set again, most of which I can't remember the sources for because similarly I've lost my mind. I am just so exhausted, all my senses feel obliterated. I'm going to cut out old nice looking newspaper and probably make ugly collages and tiny little paper pumpkins for bunting I want to make while listening to sad and melancholic music. And some punk. Sorry if I stole your images, please let me know what belongs to you and I'll fix up with the credit. I just want to use and show these pretty things I've collected so I can properly add credits and stuff in the future and get all this badness out of my system. Plus I think some of you guys will enjoy this and maybe my rambling? If anyone pays particular attention to any of that. I have the house to myself tomorrow which is a little exciting but hopefully my boyfriend will just come over and we'll cuddle and be brainless zombies together. Then he needs to get some new glasses because he lost his last pair. I am attached to a rather lovely silly billy of a boy. I just feel strange, ghostly and almost invincible because my body feels numb and just out of sorts. But not really because I stubbed three of my toes at once walking into a stack of my father's vinyls on the floor. 

Image Source: StyleLikeU- Hannah and Vita Kurland

Black Milk Leggings

If I still had my pet rabbits I would definitely just sit in their playpen and let them crawl over me for a good cuddle. Instead I am wearing a huge sweater to feel soft and cuddly like I am still in bed. But not really, I feel shit exhausted. I want to drink some chicken soup in bed while DVDs play on my laptop but I just play games on my new phone instead. I've fallen into the trap of playing games and twiddling my thumbs instead of being all cool, crazy and creative drawing things with my stylus. Which I am not happy about since it kills content I could be posting for my blog and wastes time but they are just so addictive and my brother said I practically had to get this one game from an Australian development group so... Older brother knows best as always. But maybe I'll just drag my laptop into bed with that page loaded and sit there all day in comfy woolen socks. I feel like I need a little pampering after surviving this really tough weekend- and the rest of the week doesn't look that glamorous either...

Image Source: Florence Welch Live

Where are all these new followers coming from for my blog? It doesn't even feel like I've been around that much so here is a hasty welcome note and a thank you for boosting my confidence to write more and stuff. Some bloggers have this strong sense of self and like to insist that they blog only for themselves and just post it online, which is fine, but I more identify with the way a musician feeds off the energy of watching an audience respond to how they express themselves. So thank you for adding to the little follower counter, thank you for giving me more blogs to chase up and muse over which will in turn make me grow as a person and find what suits my styles and tastes and generally connecting me to a big old network of awesome people that we commonly refer to as the blogosphere. Ah, I can feel this morning's coffee finally kick in and a veil of confusion and exhaustion slowly being lifted. It's not much, but it will do.

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