Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stepford Wives

Wearing: DIY headband, heart earrings free from a magazine, American Apparel watercolour blouse, Cue embroidery skirt, Deadly Ponies leather bag, platforms from Rubi Shoes.

I feel like such a weirdo today, but my hair at least looks nice. This is what happens when I get dressed and all of my clothes are on my floor instead of nicely on their hangers in the wardrobe. I think pink and red look nice together with crazy floral patterns and orange with magenta. The good news is that I'll be seeing the movie Paranorman today (who made Coraline) which is about a witch's curse, zombies and teenagers. With ghosts. Also I am getting a new phone and launching myself into the twenty-first century so I may be getting a twitter account but definitely an Instagram and time to play with photographs and stuff from my phone on the bus everyday from university. Which will be great because I will potentially be trapped in peak hour traffic two out of five days of the working week. And I need armour to protect myself from conversations from strangers which has a nasty habit of happening to me exactly when I don't want it.

If you think the pictures are of bad quality, don't worry because I do too! It's a lot easier to use a tiny compact camera as opposed to my digital SLR wannabe camera but it's a guzzler of batteries and makes me feel poor. One or the other is getting sold sometime soon so I can buy a shiny and nice new Canon with a LCD flip screen so I can see what I am doing. Also it will be able to cope with the bad lighting of my hallway on a cloudy day and not have a heart attack/ make everything yellow. Maybe my skin will also not look so weird and uneven in colours. That is the dream at the moment. And for now I am going to dress like a 1950s house wife  but with sadness and no smiling because I am still a teenager at heart. That is all.

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  1. I like the skirt. Cool outfit.
    And omg jelly that you're getting a new camera! I still use my point and shoot :/