Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rookie Road Trip x Urban Outfitters Lookbook

The sponsorship/ partnership/ collaborative work of Rookie Mag.com with Urban Outfitters has been called into question for a while now amongst feminist groups on the Internet, mainly because of Urban Outfitter's treatment of Native Americans and the appropriation of "Aztec" prints in order to peddle merchandise and make money. I'm not trying to start up a war or saga or anything, but if someone did have to style for the American retail giant then I am glad it is Rookie who care about the feelings of their readers and treat them with as much respect as possible. It's pretty mind-blowing when you consider all the stuff was started from the brain of Tavi Gevinson who tries to balance submissions, editorial work and her team of contributors with something she treats as a business. Whether you like Rookie or Urban Outfitters or neither let's be reasonable here: Tavi is sixteen for crying out loud. I couldn't manage my allowance from my parents at that age, let alone an entire website and styling for chain stores. That still manages to blow my mind.

(I'm assuming here:) Petra Collins of The Adorous lends her hand to drench the look book in her own quirky and characteristic sense of photography- the results of which are simply fantastic. The clothes themselves have that ice-skater fitted feel about them, but worn a little larger on the model they look great. There's also sensitive lace, sensual florals and some wicked sunglasses you could try scouting for in thrift stores or customising with handy glitter nail polish/ rhinestones/ fake flowers. The setting was a sunny afternoon in suburbia and I too wish I could lounge around on green grass lawns with flowers in my hair for this blog but I have work (blah). Also the heatwave tends to kill off out grass into a sickly yellow colour. Ironically our yard looks most healthy when it's Winter and too cold to go outside with at least a sweater on. So I'll live vicariously looking for the perfect picket fence and balcony to orchestrate my own look book stuff on and think of red-dyed hair and yellow daisies. A perfect combination for virgin pina coladas.

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