Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rookie Road Trip Installation

After surviving a trip to the dentist and a burn on the tip of my finger, I'm back to my normal levels of teenage angst and grouchiness. Which is much preferred over the "I HATE EVERYTHING WHEN CAN I GO TO BED" attitude I carried yesterday. But I got to take a break from putting outfits together and camera play to instead focus on some collaging. Anyway, I'm blathering. What I meant to say was finding the certain Rookie Mag brand of aesthetic is really hard to recreate from magazines and stuff and teenage bedroom shrines are still relatively low key in major publications. Which is really sad when you give it some thought because they are so freaking awesome and beautiful with candles everywhere. You would think that with the sheer amount of candles they are used for some dark and sinister, alternate purpose or that's where girls keep their secret stash of cash. But everything is all good and I just need to work together some more dreamy sepia tone drenched images and flowers to really channel the vibe and atmosphere as much as possible when working with simple two-dimensions in a flat plane. It's really no wonder why I haven't managed to tame the lion that is my room to tidy everything and start from the bottom up to redecorate. But I have four garbage bags of clothes to try to sell on eBay before any of that happens which I'm hoping will fuel the economic side of reinventing myself and my bedroom... 

All the images used for this post originated from the Rookie Mag website, because when they finished their amazing road trip with an installation at Space 15 Twenty, I was isolated and surrounded by a cruel and heartless ocean. So naturally, I couldn't just take a casual fourteen hour plane trip to see it for myself. Which sucks, but has me inspired to try a massive, artistic and youth-centric art project for myself or just try to breed this type of visual in my own life everyday living precariously through the sub-culture. It's kind of hard knowing where I stand with Tavi Gevinson and her work- I keep telling myself that as long as I keep admiring her I will never get anywhere close to "beating" her and reaching a similar level of acclaim but it's not about competition either. It's all meant to be about expressing yourself through clothing but I feel like I haven't yet gotten a solid handle on that either and there is much to learn. Bleh- I wish there was like a Rookie ambassador for each nation so people who enjoy that type of content and stuff can still feel connected and not isolated in their bedrooms never meeting another like-minded person. But I'm sort of getting better at networking at the moment as well. The advantages of university life and having a four month long holiday break.

It's moments like these I wail like a banshee because I'm not allowed to drill holes into my walls, which equates to not having shelves or frames or solid structures to display handmade decorated headbands. All of which feels like an important aspect of being a Rookie fan girl. I could maximise my space with the addition of shelves and have so much room for activities... which will turn out a lot better than making a DIY bunk bed. Or I could just dust shelves in glitter, porcelain figurines of animals and babies and stuff. Because I already have a bookcase which is still holding up and hasn't collapsed due to cruel and unusual punishment through the use of weight. All the good teenage girl cliches which I was dead-set on turning my back on at the age of thirteen. But now I'm almost twenty and the tables have turned considerably.

It may surprise some of you to know that I was a keen shutterbug just over a year ago now- but displaying my shots and prized possessions wasn't something I really keenly developed. I used an awkward photo album for my film shots and a commemorative Disneyland folder for a collection taken on my digital camera of a holiday in California. They aren't out on public display though and I haven't thought about them in a long time. But to be fair, I don't have pink scrap booking tape that won't mark the wall or damage my happy snaps either. I do however, have three open expanses of white walls in my bedroom that could sorely do with a makeover. I already have the condition of no holes... so I'll need to investigate this wonderful substance and weed out my favourite captured moments to make my room more homely.

What the Rookie team managed to do with their installation space though was visually a marvel. In certain places it looks like a movie set that focuses on the sensual and personal, but it jumps around era united by the dreaminess and sweet colour tones. This bookshelf and desk looks particularly cute; a miniature reworking of a display cabinet crammed full of books and smothered with stickers. I did the very same thing with my own set of drawers at the age of five, but at some point that enthusiasm fizzled out and withered away. Maybe at the time I moved house- I'm not sure. This particular corner seems very American featuring their flag and also Christian references. Not that Christianity isn't huge in other countries- it's just that there seems to be a stronger affluence in many aspects of life in the Americas as opposed to other 'western' countries which at times I enjoy for a simple novelty and imagery-based pleasure.

Instead of dried lavender or other olfactory goodies picked from Mother Nature's bounty, I always took shells from the beach to sit on top of my desk. I was always dismayed however to find weeks later a small accumulation of dust after all my hard work and effort of a lazy Sunday afternoon. I think the best secret to having a really intricate but pleasing display is to continually rework it and add bits in. Lucky Tavi Gevinson using her celebrity profile and prowess comparable to a cult leader managed to lure teenage girls into surrendering souvenirs to create this very installation- and then mailed the entire thing back to her home in Chicago Illinois where she can't bring herself to unpack any of it. How lucky is that? It's pretty much the ultimate sponsorship/ freebie winning spur in the history of blogging right there. She took it to a whole other level off the scale of this galaxy.

I expected the usual scented ornate candles, pink teddy bears and unicorns to loiter about the place. I didn't bat an eyelid from the magic eight ball and the floral bouquets- but the calculator did shock me a little. But it's the twenty-first century now and girls can be both cute and pretty pooping glitter while simultaneously crunching the numbers to bizarre and complex mathematical complications. God bless feminism and the bra burners. It's not for everyone to be involved in a very hypothetical and abstract frame of mind, but it's the matter of principle in choosing what we want for ourselves that I am so determined for. The calculator also has some Japanese cartoon characters on the top screen which earns some extra golden brownie points in my opinion for Kawaii creativity in the field of mandatory school stationary. I should give out awards more often or something; I rock this title bull-shitting business.

Girl themed graffiti made for girls by girls! You can tell because it has more colour and at places, neater handwriting.  Also there is the lack of male genitalia drawn everywhere in every possible space which is a dead giveaway. Messages of all shapes and sizes can be found in the 'treehouse' including personal blog URLs, references to songs and just plain proclamations of affection. The same as you would find in any girl's bathroom accessible to those over the age of thirteen. My favourite cool customer though (very hard to pick!) is that flower daisy with a face of utter indifference. That could easily be changed if there was more glitter and stuff though but it's a hard to create that specific effect on plywood though...

There's a lack of teenage boy posters- other than the small trinket box featuring a young Leonardo Dicaprio's lovely face. Which is pretty fitting consider his face is such a TREASURE. *obligatory tumbleweed sweeps across the bottom of the screen upstage* But I think the idolisation of teenage boy bands and music artists or rather the omission from something imitating a teenage girl culture speaks boldly. It implies that there are better things to obsess over like good movies, comic books and sadist animated cartoons. Also the vintage toys and nostalgia of yesteryear. That's a pretty strong message and I rather like the implications behind it- but that means very little Johnny Depp worming his way into the hearts of hormone-thriving teens. It's good if it's an entire wall/ shrine dedicated to the same person- you know? But with the collection and collaborative nature of 'Strange Magic'.

Every teenage girl's room needs stickers- no exceptions. Their uses are many ad numerous. Some helpful examples include nail decoration, wearing on your forehead like a fake Indian bindi, decorating school poster projects, customisation of cell phones and making cute personalised ransom notes when kidnapping being non-creepy. Other advantages include a widespread distribution through the humblest of newsagents and post offices to online and Etsy. If you're anything like me, blogger lets you meet new people while still dressed in your pyjamas and all your shopping eventually makes its way to you. Which is pretty handy since I have so much more time to dedicate towards important things such as collaging and slicing every magazine possible.

I really adore my boyfriend and think he is the best possible match for my morals and values. He also has a high-tolerance for my strange ramblings which are even more abstract in person. He hates having his photograph taken though, so on the off chance I have my own place (or somewhere to share...) I can probably plant a small proverbial flag onto the mantelpiece and just smother it in candles. I am going to buy so very many candles this weekend when I go thrift shopping but chances are I won't find anywhere to put them just yet. Someone please be crazy and love me so that they buy all my second hand clothing, please and thank you...

The combination of the anatomical heart, cactus and spiritual wolves sets my soul ablaze... and I am at the stage where I don't even know what I'm taking about anymore. I'm studying biology this year so I am going to have to familiarise myself quite well with all matters inside and outside a living being. Also there's heaps of weird, quirky and charming books lurking at every corner of my house on subjects ranging from sea shells to Astronomy and model engineering. There is however, a sad lack of watercolours and interesting artwork with fascinating stories behind them. I can right that wrong though, by wetting my own paintbrush! Someone alert the local newspaper, if I don't succeed I'll fail in spectacular fashion.

When we moved house I was just a tenderfoot at the age of five; we were picking rooms and I immediately surrendered the amazing vanity to my mother as the 'master bedroom' if you will. In reality we live in something modest and ramshackle that I think is a bit of a glorified shed. Nevertheless- the vanity is beautiful and I would be able to appreciate its beauty better were it not sitting under a heinous layer of caked dust. I would have never been able to convince anyone that, that room in particular was destined to belong to me. After that I gave up of housing all perfumes, nail polishes and powder puffs in the ultimate started pack and shrine of girly, stereotypical femininity. My lack of ambition doesn't really surprise me- I still have a rescued armchair waiting in the wings to finally sit in its rightful place of my room. This is probably an avenue I'll reconsider when I finally move out of home- but where I'll be I can't really say at the moment.

Ah diaries- often portrayed as a portal into a young woman's mind where she can discuss amongst herself her thoughts, secrets and innermost turmoil. Also a very useful convention into a character's mindset in films. I always wanted to be the sort of girl to keep a diary on a regular basis because it just speaks so highly of a daily dedication to write and philosophise. Which I tend to do anyway in my blog, but without the physical and tangible aspect of reassurance. Here is one made with cute quote that can bring tears to the eyes of installation makers and go-getter's alike. Imitating someone else's style has never been my forte or strong point, but that doesn't leave me immune from creating personas and idealistic characters and aspects of myself through use of clothing as a costume. That's still very important to me.

Made out of fake flowers and mounted onto an enormous canvas, Petra Collins contributed to the Space 15 Twenty installation her tribute to the vagina. And to think, I thought it was a vibrantly coloured avocado. There must be something wrong with the wiring in my head to not recognise it straight away- but I just didn't see it coming. I think I'd like to try the idea for myself, maybe with ribbon roses instead of full-scale fake flowers and with a cat instead as some "original art" coming your way. If I get over my fear of the hot glue gun and find the time. I should be able to though, I have another six and sunny glorious weeks of holidays left.

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