Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Wearing: DIY Crown, shirt from T-Bar, vintage skirt bought from etsy (adVintagous) and Dr Martens Boots.

With the gracious consent of my very loving boyfriend I put the fake roses he got me for Valentine's Day last year into a crown. I originally had them on display in a vase in my room but they just gathered dust and I loved finally making a more contemporary and 'traditiona' floral garland. With glittery silver pipe cleaners. When I wear this crown it's like all I need to do is put on some red lipstick and I will practically be Lana Del Rey but in reality my hair is not as nice as hers, my lyrics aren't conveying a dependence on any man and my beehives are so messy when attempted. I did write lyrics when I played guitar in high school but they weren't very good (because I didn't persist with them... duh) and I haven't picked it up properly since. I remember writing one song about a girl being fake and compared to plastic because she pulled on my long pretty bow one day and then ran off. That obviously pissed me off since she was loud and she was quiet. Well anyway, I suppose that doesn't matter very much anymore because I clearly am the loudest in terms of aesthetic style, creativity and dress sense. Ha- who got the last laugh then?


  1. You do look like lana del rey!!!!!!!!! Your skirt is so pretty and kvkuygwfohcberfhbifherbi!!!! Doc martens!!!! I am currently trying to buy some that are cool but won't completely explode my bank account.

    1. I recommend huntng for Dr Martens on eBay, Asos Marketplace and Etsy for some cheaper alternatives- but Asos marketplace and etsy can cost more in shipping.
      Best of luck!

    2. I love all your post, so amazing!