Monday, January 28, 2013

Queen Alien

Wearing: DIY Crown, crucifix from my best friend, shirt from Big W (old), earrings a gift from my Mum.

This is what happens when I'm alone at night or I don't have anything to do- my hair also winds up a little messy. So the story goes that I try to make something to do like attempting to knit or create a collage or throw clothes and stuff together hoping it would work. So tonight it's black lipstick, a heart gem I found when I was about seven worn on my forehead and diamond earrings from a birthday. I really love these earrings- it's not often I find lovely looking motifs that fit my tiny little earlobes. Makeup isn't something I experiment with a lot since I wear black face paint to colour my lips black, but I didn't take quite so long wearing fake eyelashes this second time. It still hurt though when I got it wrong and the glue pinched at my skin... I don't think I'll try to do it again for a while. At least until I forget how much of a pain that was.

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