Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Wearing: DIY crown, This is Make Believe resin rose necklace, Hogwarts sweater from my childhood (old K-Mart), Asos skirt, felt badges from etsy (hannaletters), leather Vans (sophie).

For those of you who don't know, I actually live in a small jungle with very sad looking grass and not much rain. I brighten it up though looking like cupid practically overflowing with roses and red stuff. The crown in particular with its silver pipe cleaners makes all me pictures look bright and sparkly and today I feel like some sort of pixie which is a shame because I have to go to work later to pay for a huge and whooping phone bill. And I have to limit my use of it as well which also sucks. Viva youth.

Also included is my room which I am working on with a colour coordinated bed of orange, yellow and brown. All the stuffed toys are from my lovely boyfriend.


  1. Cool outfit I like the bold colours :) And nawwww those stuffed animals are cute, your boyfriend chose well :P

  2. I think the background enhances your outfit! You're like a beacon of colour in a background of blandness :)