Monday, January 7, 2013


All of Tumblr seems to have been taken over by pale blogs becoming the newest fad. Well I say it's boring although it has a pleasant effect on my otherwise manic and unpredictable demeanour. So I'm dipping into my secret stash of pirated images from other blogs to bring you a girly themed, mash up reminding everyone that life is indeed better in colour and for some odd reason I'm really relishing themes at the moment. That may have come about from lounging at the foot of my parent's bed and reading Rookie when taking a break from embarrassingly old video games. This collection is the embodiment of everything I hope my room will one day become even if by that time I am eighty years old and my hair reaches to my ankles. Based on this oath I will probably become an entrant in the Guinness World Book of Records for being the most uncomfortable grandmother for descendants to look upon. # YOLO

I also spent today massacring in disgust a small magazine-booklet attached with my Vogue spruiking plastic surgery. The words emphasise that breast augmentation is about making a tailor made fit but there are still the same enormous full breasts staring back at me as you would expect to find. I am happily cutting the thing to pieces and will put together a collage next. The best thing about it was a close up shot of eyelash extensions which I kind of want to pair with a little rant about our white-straight-cis obsessed society and how small breasts aren't celebrated. It was such a thin little issue this month when in previous February editions I have seen the pages practically bursting at the seams. They also boldly criticised the 1960s trend being circulated amongst close and powerful fashion circles. I know, I know it's a lot easier to say what's wrong with a magazine rather than to envision what needs to be done and how to restore the Australian Vogue franchise to their former glory but I don't know I was totally disappointed. Who in their right mind would turn down a fairy floss incarnation of flower/ bubble wrap shift dresses and beehive hairstyles?

Last night I had a dream where things I posted just hours before got some couple of hundred hits and I woke up this morning and they actually had like ten each. I love having the reality check of knowing there are cats on the Internet more popular than I am but am somewhat comforted that their owners may also feel blighted by this. Unlike a pet though I can work hard to change my fate and take in new experiences without any real limits or restrictions so that makes me feel a little more optimistic. On the downside pets may not face the same challenges a human may face when posing for photographs... hmm this is a dilemma. If this was a cheesy vintage movie a voodoo shaman would walk out of a bush or from behind a bookcase and curse me for a week or something till I learnt my lesson. Interesting stuff won't happen just like that so I may have to settle for drinking ice water for the rest of the day.

Strictly speaking I was cobbled in with the later generations to view shows like The Flintstones and the Jetsons. Even at the age of five though I was critical of the polar opposites depicting the past and present of humanity and thought neither were relatable. Of course I couldn't put that sentence together at five but that's the beauty of having good English teachers in high school who teach you how to express yourself eloquently. This is probably one of the cooler pieces of merchandise I have ever seen of any franchise though so I'm seeking it like the holy grail which feels like a cheat since I'm not a hardcore fan either. It's just so pink though and her little peroxide blond ponytail is perfect frozen forever in plastic and defying gravity. Since we still don't have flying cars though or hover-boards I will settle for some sort of styling revolution in the hairdressing department; pretty please Science?

Aly Antorcha

I sort of feel like that singled out girl in Mean Girls, the one obsessed with the fantasy of yester-year. Here on a fashion magazine is an honest-to-goodness smile and interesting ideas which at the moment feels like a rarity. Last night eavesdropping my mother's television viewing and reading Rookie Yearbook One just confirms my confusion in searching for decent art. Things like photography and film are becoming more accessible to the young with new ideas and experimentation. They need to make mistakes in order to hone their craft but there are some that never really sharpen their skills and the Internet and libraries becomes a muddle of white noise- a sea of ideas with little beacons or a lighthouse to guide you home. I know all things worth fighting for aren't without trials and errors to test dedication but sometimes when it feels like there's a whole array of distractors it's damn frustrating. I don't at all aim this at the blogging community- I honestly read posts from first word to last breath now and often leave comments of positive feedback since I really want to be in touch with this blog universe now and more than ever. What may seem like white noise to one may be something valuable and akin to another person. It's just a personal journey and finding stuff to cater for you own tastes that I'm feeling lost in at the moment.

Setareh Mohtarez


  1. Pink power! I'm in a search for gorgeous pink lipstick!

  2. wiiiii so much pink! funny that I've never really thought that a cat is more famous than I am, feel a bit nobody right now haha.
    Here's a link to a liebster award I nominated you for, in case you want to do it:


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