Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On Show

Wearing: Bowler hat from Sovereign Hill, Zara polka dot blouse, vintage skirt bought off etsy (adVintagous), Stolen Girlfriends Club X Jeffrey Campbell boots.

I am in love with the theatrical nature of this skirt- the structure stays in tact no matter what punishment I subject it to. By punishment I generally refer to the neglect of an infinitely messy room and being tossed this way and that. If I bothered I could iron the lace down to sit perfectly but I'm pretty happy with the way it is. All I need to do is grow the courage to wear this to university and then I'll well and truly be set. I'm dreamy of 1950s style emulation with curled pigtails, saddle shoes, cute prissy socks and perhaps even tacky bubblegum permanently living in the crevice of my mouth. You never know- it could happen. In that first week at least where I am still energetic and excited about getting back to an institution of learning. Then in the middle of the semester I will come crashing back to reality and become a restless, exhausted zombie and slave to periodic testing.

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