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Miu Miu Fall 2010

Everyone seems to be loving and wearing the style of the 1960s and the 1970s lately, but it would appear that Miu Miu were among the first to get there. This is also the cute and adorable minx Lindsey Wixson opening for their Fall collection of 2010; ain't she a doll? Sorry to be patronising I promise it won't be happening in a typed format. Anyhow, putting all that unpleasantness behind us the collection mainly featured woolen coats, pants and structured pieces featuring big buttons, scalloped edges and puffy shoulders. A small part of my thought I had died and gone to heaven but it did take a while for this admiration to grow and flourish. To be exact, a clipping I took from an Australian Vogue had been sitting over, watching me like a guardian angel from my bed for probably over a year now and the thought only struck me to write my feelings about the collection recently. And people say I'm slow... wait. That was an insult!

At first I didn't like the combination of orange and purple together. It reminded me too much of purple Neopets which at 2010 seemed very juvenile to me. Well it's 2013 now babies and I've finally come to realise that this very clever and subtle suggestion is fantastic for two reasons. First of all it introduces the colour palette which will dominate the collection and secondly it's really iconic but in a simple way. I haven't seen such a wonderful shade of orange that playfully borders on mustard and mango but with a notably more pleasant aftertaste visually than the two could ever be in real life. I hope that made sense. I was surprised getting into this second outfit that we had moved from more silhouetting coats to very slim and sharp halternecks with a notable difference. I love the bow closing in her neck and the sharp scallop trim descending gracefully down to the hemline. The arm holes seem really daring and revealing but without any hint of scandalous behaviour. The turtleneck halter top is kind of courageous and I think deserving of an ovation itself. But there's a lot more to explore within this collection.

Orange on top and purple on the bottom- I can only speculate that this outfit came first and then the makeup to fit the collection came second. With so many appreciable aspects of the outfit: broad and accentuated shoulders, a bright collar and a skirt as lethal as a jovial biscuit cutter I really praise the simple, slicked and pulled-back ponytail. I'm really disillusioned with ponytails myself. To keep them in check with that level of precision in real life is impossible and the style is usually reserved for practical reasons. Here it is worn with elegance, attitude and class. 

The handbag is a cute little touch too and not to be unexpected in a label as famous for it's accessories as it is for its clothing. If I ever owned on myself I would probably nickname it "Paddington Bear" because it charmingly reminds me so much of marmalade.

While it probably was not the intention of the photographer, I am rather grateful for the inclusion of both models in this one picture. Those sweeping long, peroxide blond extensions are a formidable opponent and adversary to the wonderful and smooth cream coloured blouse. There's still the unmistakable and starchy texture of wool and structural integrity about it though so it's a chic garment to wear even in tougher weather. One hopes. If not I'm sure it would look equally perfect wrapped around a woman sitting by an open fire and clutching a cliche brandy glass. The gold heels that seem to bounce light off in every direction also seem particularly powerful when paired with this outfit. No wonder I look forward to Miu Miu every season and also enjoy their archives. For the industrious lady that likes to look her best there is always the office where everyone will be able to see your handbag as a socioeconomic status symbol. The bags just seem to have this really classic shape to them that every child draws badly during grade school or whatever. A triangle with handles; it's as simple as that.

The culmination of showy, vintage beach ware and office wear has been brought together in a beautiful marriage that could not have worked in any other dimension. Thankfully under the sensibilities of a Fall collection and brought to life with Miuccia Prada's guidance there's a balance between the understated and the regal and the flirtatious and showy. It's still very much brought to life and leans on the youth of beautiful models to bring it to life, but I think with the long legs and arms comes the imagination of adult pleasures. The clothes themselves aren't the real thought-provokers here but it's what they choose to hide and reveal. It's sort of unique to combine an almost midriff patch of skin that sits above a high-waisted skirt but in a piece as simple as this you can easily get away with it. High-waists and emphasis of hips. Mad men, eat your heart out.

My mother raised me to inspect and be critical when shopping- tediously picking out imperfections such as stitching and patterns... the list goes on. In my rebellion maybe that's why I love the floral decorations adorning the hemline of this coat. Continuing the sweet trend of flower petals subtly suggested by scalloped edges this is just the first of many meticulous and metallic flowers you'll see. Each little flower was made by hand as far as I can tell- because they are each opened up to a different degree but they all share those glistening silver pollen centres. Against the black they still manage to have an air of regally and fit in with the formal and chic nature of this coat. Points may need to be deducted if those pockets aren't real though because being brought up middle class everything important needs to be as close to my person as possible. Otherwise I'll freak out. Or need to buy a pretty purse. I could maybe get used to that if I wanted to.

Other than utter confusion as to why there are tiny collars around the ankles of the high heels I was pretty blown away with this strutting model. She also has her smize going on- Tyra would be proud. OK- no more popular culture name dropping. The dangerous take on the simple smock dress was enough to take my breath away. For one thing, the hemline is so short it could probably drop a lot of jaws if worn without tights and thick socks. Secondly, there are the adorable darts at the sides that are permanently flicked up at asymmetrical angles. Then there is the trademark bow sitting low on the skirt and simply there for decoration and attracting attention to the sewn standout of this piece. Peter Pan collars are a dime a dozen these days- so why not have a little fun with it and make it more sweet and seductive? There's probably wire making the twists of the skirt so flamboyant and strong but for once I don't mind the pretentious control of garments from thin strips of metal.

The collection takes an interesting turn here introducing more intense colours to match auburn pony tails and clash with tones of aged ivory lace and bold orange. I love a good plot twist when reading, but I think I enjoy visual changes in a collection even more. Since I already largely commented on the structure of basically the same dress let's move our attention to the textures and colours used. I'm not a huge fan of neutral tones such as white or cream, but I do love the cluster of three dimensional flowers everywhere on this dress and also the black trim on the hemline. It just seems to make a sharper contrast with the small and unique peplum-thing of the skirt and I can't pigeon hole the type of pattern so that's always a good thing too. Cream and orange brought together was a pretty bold choice but I think it payed off nicely and without a handbag swishing back and forth the stiff, loafer-style high heels seem to shine even bright as a star accessory.

You know how everyone watched Napoleon Dynamite, saw Deb's prom dress and its massive sleeves and abandoned all hope of looking cool while wearing 1980s clothes and things that emphasised the shoulders? This practically fixed that phobia; or if the feeling wasn't mutual nationwide then it at least helped me. I was so used to sleeveless tunics and smock dresses even in a Fall collection I forgot just how good long sleeves can be. There's more colour, a little more drama going on and it all finishes at yet another creative hemline. Alternating orange and silver flowers dot along the edges and this time panels in three dimensions seem to stretch out like the petals of a dainty flower. If I had this or anything close to it for my own I would swing around on the spot like a washing machine to vintage music played on vinyl dug up from my Dad's private collection. I really mean that.

Like David felling the might Goliath with a slingshot I too have been brought down by my greatest weakness; gorgeous purple clothing. Yes I admitted earlier my favourite colour was pink but I'm still more comfortable wearing purple having brown hair that is so often classified as black. It's like a big game of Where's Wally not to spot the different uses of floral motifs in this collection and instead of on the hemline these babies are cosying up to a bow-tied collar in nude. I think two rows is just the right amount since they don't fall too close to the bust but still have a grand and jewel-like appeal about them. I love the main colours purple and orange being supported in a totally unexpected way when paired with nude and cream respectively. I probably won't be able to achieve this level of subtly and finesse so I'll probably remain dressing like a crazy and confused teenage blogger trying to virtually become Tavi Gevinson but I still admire this collection. Heaps.

The cheeky straps of this top could almost be mistaken for suspenders the way they hug closely to the bust of the model and the flared waist that seems to balloon out into a tulip just makes it even more explicit. Explicit within the realms of Miu Miu which is considerably tame since there is nary a tulle blouse or semi-sheer anything in sight. Ever since Meadham Kirchhoff's Summer/ Spring collection of 2012 I've been slightly drawn to subversive play suits held with straps but this is by far the most demure realisation of this dream that I've encountered. There's no crazy cartoon hearts and I am sorry not to see them (wrong designer- oops) but it's playful as well as mature. Black wool and a large leather tote seem so formal but the bow and floral adorned straps seem to contradict that in a delightful way. Miu Miu always brings up a lot of unknown feelings I have about fashion which are never fully reconciled but that's the beauty of art isn't it? 

This is possible the craziest funnel-neck anything I have ever seen in all my life or maybe that's because this model's eyes also look crazy huge. The lapel and it's distinct lines seems straight out of a sketchbook and is such a mod throwback it's almost heart attack inducing. Almost. For those of you that don't think funnel neck coats are cool without sleeves I would suggest that they make cosy safe houses for hickeys and closed with bows they're even better. Anyway- I love this piece a lot for about a billion reasons. I'm surprised Lady Gaga hasn't tried to wear it yet with platform shoes missing heels. That's alright though, I would be more than glad to take her place although I only have blue velvet Mary Jane platforms which may clash a little too much with this bold colour. Like an Old English hunter armed with bloodhounds and riding horseback, I enjoy the thrill of the hunt through my wardrobe for things and messy colours is what makes it a real challenge though.

High school with a uniform was sort of a living hell of sorts and a prison when nothing else really bad happens to you or mares that period of your life. You look back and wish you could do things differently such as dress interesting each day or log your progression from being an awkward dork to an awesome and self-realised mega dork without any shame. High-neck collars and simple knitted sweaters seem glamorous, understated but also a part of the school girl dress code. In reality we're pretty much terrified of wearing white because we love things like Twisties and secondly if you wear them enough they become a shade of sick sullen grey... But I do like this. I think it's the tough tied bow that you hope like a present seals away and stands between you and unknown delights and secrets. If writing Mill's and Boone love romances involving women wearing designer labels was an Olympic Sport I'm sure I would only win a bronze medal. Or fourth. I'm not very good at it but I mentally know where it would all start at the very least.

Even though Cruella De Vil was a cold, heartless bitch and attempted puppy murdered she remains a faithful figure in my mind as far as eerily style and fashionistas are concerned. She was probably the only character I was exposed to that was blatantly a fashion-obsessed woman; but oh well. Oh sure she was the embodiment of corruption through the fashion industry, but she did have some wicked ideas about hair. Ideas I unfortunately imitated myself at home and lived to regret for a while. But this seems to sweeten her trademark black and white clashing do with a simple and slicked back pony tail. It also helps that the model doesn't have stark red lipstick and dark rings around her eyes. When the 1960s wasn't dabbling in paisley and monstrous floral patterns there was simplistic and strong colours; and here there's the strong emphasis of block colours and abandonment of complicated fabrics for strong basics. It really does pay off in a collection put on by Miu Miu because they have been the brand to imitate since the release of their earlier 2010 Spring collection.

I haven't featured close-ups of the shoes as heavily as I would normally but they seem more or less straightforward in their design. There are basic square toes, glossy stiletto heels that seem like familiar territory if, like me you were dragged around department stores when you were little. When they are dressed up it seems to borrow from the design of the clothes themselves, cuffed in miniature statement collars of their own with no new motifs introduced. Maybe go-go boots would have been a step too far in a 1960s cliche direction. Unite across the accessories line for this collection is instead a calm and controlled retro-inspired office wear chic resonance. Practical function has been balanced with the luxurious touches of bows, flowers and impeccable tailoring. Everything you expect to see from a collection, project and metaphoric baby both commanded  and parented under the watchful eye of Miuccia Prada.

After seeing various beauty tutorial on how to perform and perfect Twiggy/ mod eye makeup I'm convinced this is that very trend but flipped on it's head. The actually eyeliner sits on the eyelid and thick, confident streaks of eyeshadow are worn like war paint in that strange no-man's land area between eyelid and eyebrow. This will probably be something I try when alone at home or just before a show for fun's sake because there is no way I can use makeup with the certainty of penmanship. On my own face as well. It's times like these I regret being a childhood tomboy and not having a creepy toy mannequin thing to try drawing on really badly. By now I could have ripped out all her hair or put a leather stud choker on her evilly. That will always be the dream. Thank goodness the lipstick is nude and there's no blush going on so we can all focus on gorgeous eyes that make me think of heavily romanticised comet tails.

I'm super tired (need to stop blogging before breakfast) and I think RSI is kicking in to my for index fingers so this is a very brief and all-be-it, scattered brained wrap up. Continuing to wave the Miu Miu/ Prada loving flag because they're collections are my favourites in general and although I have many favourites that still does not diminish my fondness for them. Neopets should have probably tried to trademark and combination of orange and purple a while ago and made a packet. Can someone teach me how to be a high-roller to pay for this stuff pretty please? Now it is time to eat toast and my grumbling stomach agrees with me.

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