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Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2011

An explosion of colour and whiz-bang models with coloured hairs is the best way I can describe the Meadham Kirchhoff collection for Spring 2010. Maestros Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff really outdid themselves by managing to balance the tough, punk and grunge aesthetics with pastel tones and floral bouquets as their elaborate props side of stage for the runway. I really love the two elements thrown together- they're the binary oppositions of one another but one done right I think the results speak for themselves. AKA they are simply mind-blowing. The show was opened with an interview of Courtney Love, an unusual move (not that I'm an authority) but it was still useful and insightful into the visual experience evoked through makeup and dresses. Manic Panic was used as hair colouration, juggling as many as six different shades in silky straight hair sometimes topped with elaborate floral garlands or 'DIY crowns' as I colloquially refer to them. I am, and always will be a Rookie Mag fan girl deep down in my heart.

Like Wendy falling in love with Peter Pan, I was instantly smitten with this look. Mind you, Peter had boyish charms and naivety going for him. Also less heavy eye makeup. The ruffles and collar are always a winning combination, but as I've previously mentioned when critiquing other runway shows sometimes it's the model presentation that makes or breaks the presentation. You'll see time and time again there's a myriad of creepy faces printed onto the images of shirts that creep into the collection to keep interest for the pretentious artist in everyone. (Or is that just me?). I want to make everything ruffled my own; giving them good homes and playing with them daily in the most elaborate game of dress-ups the world has ever seen. The frills and lace tiers range from capes to skirts, when combined together make some of the more elaborate outfits of that season. I can only fervently dream of having a wardrobe stuffed with many fur coats, skirts, blouses and accessories that leave me with infinite ways to draw together exciting outfits. Collections like this make me feel more aware of moving away from dresses, so that I can think of how a garment can be a piece of a puzzle, but  the bigger picture can sometimes be muddled, or lost or just exploratory which is the really great part.

Does anyone else sense the Marie Antoinette directed by Sofia Coppola vibes from that southern belle low-hanging skirt or is it just me? It goes especially well with the knee high yellow socks and pastel frenzy pattern sandals. If you were an energetic go-getter you would find a way to make a pair for yourself. I will however howl, cry and clutch a pillow like the time my letter from Hogwarts never arrived. So that's basically all the time really. Ignore the sour-faced expression from the model, I'm sure she's just containing her excitement of being a part of fashion's few eccentrically fuelled creations and dare I say master pieces. I like it all heaps. Maybe it was a creative decision to really drive home the teenage spirit of angst. In tribute to this particular look, I think I'll be putting together a beige and pink outfit soon with Dr Martens, flirty skirt and headbands. There will however, be no graffiti style printed shirts or marvellous hairstyles to say the least. I'm still sporting the same shade of boring dark brown but what I really want to do is have the colour of lime green. Or light purple. My hair is long enough to tolerate some dyeing and still have considerable length (I hope).

I've tangled with enough Meadham Kirchhoff collections and gone toe to toe like a boxer to know their style, how they handle their runway presentation and atmosphere plus how many outfits they choose to create. Red has appeared pretty much in all the recent shows of the last year or so, but it's interesting to see what exactly they do with the shade and whether it takes centre stage. The colour also definitely dominated this season, with many jackets and dresses decked out in the decadent and fiery shade plus bountiful pouting lips staring back on the face of every stunning and celestial goddess to grace the runway. Collar ribbons and choker styled necklaces for the broke DIY blogger may also prove an interesting fancy. And finally for those whose eyes gravitate towards the finer things in life, some of the platform peep-toe sandals also emphasised cute red sequins and sparkles on many of the colour combinations. I wish I bought a pair of these on eBay when I had the chance- MASSIVE MISTAKE! 

When the red train loses steam, it's then we take a corner into the dark abyss of black clothing from this season and the Courtney Love reference really clicks into place. Offside here, how triumphant are those sparkly red knee high socks? I wish I had a pair but I already sense that involves either rooting around for leg warmers in a Salvation Army or cutting a perfectly good pair of sparkly tights. While I haven't felt the need to dress in black for a couple of weeks now, that doesn't mean I haven't been displaying badges and stuff on another sweater pinched from my father's wardrobe. It's black, snuggly and in a fisherman style but the weather has been a limitation to the more recent outfit posts. As soon as Autumn announces it's arrival you'll see some more Wednesday Adams chic entering my style and hopefully my room, but for now let's just marvel at accordion pleated skirts cut off in their prime and gorgeous white collars in contrasting delicately tied together with long and velvety ribbon.

With that many sheer ruffles and three-dimensional oomph provided in the means of a skirt, my mind can't help but leap to Victorian bustles, tight curls and the dreaded corset. But instead what I see before me in the real world without the 18th century nightmare looming over me is t-shirts with long sleeves, small hints of red and a very gritty printed pattern in subtle shades of grey. I really love this- makes me think of how my brother dresses wearing band t-shirts as souvenirs from the nights he saw them but a more ambiguous. Also tasteful since this is a fashion show and we are relying on original ideas from Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff to brighten our lives. If you like creepy little girl things or want to inject more black into your everyday routine I would go no further than this pocket of looks. There's still colour provided from the hair and those killer shoes worn with black socks, but here the mood is a little more sinister and being a strange and subversive girl I like that too.

This is just me blathering on late at night, but how great would this dress make for a costume piece? I'm feeling a lack of strong, female characters in the last week so in a perfect world someone would put together an all female cast of Hamlet. It probably hasn't been orchestrated yet because it's a rough idea that does not in anyway help the whole 'betrayl of Hamlet by the women in his life' theme (if you seriously buy into that argument) but the ghost at the start would be good. Maybe the Gray Lady of Ravenclaw house in Harry potter. Gray doesn't often excite me on such a stimulating level so on the off chance it does I just have to fun with it. I think I love the puffy sleeves, the soft and delicate appearance of the material and in particular the mermaid-like and scaly skirt in semi-sheer that hugs at the legs of the model. Also the tips of her hair are bright orange and green like a carrot.

ALL HAIL THE BUMBLE BEE QUEEN! Sorry for my immaturity and not being able to imagine anything other than a cute and furry insect with a huge bottom dancing around flowers when I see black and yellow together. Also the Simpsons reference of when Liza went crazy at Duff World and was drunk and the lizard queen. Lisa: you're drunk. Go home. The Simpsons being a show that used an awful lot of yellow and black outlines in their show. They did not however break it up with racy inserts, spiderweb lace and fantastic harem pants and straps that would well be the most delicate pair of suspenders ever. If I was a very old man and wore my pants under my armpits I'd like a pair of them please. I am going to sleep, wake up, read this, laugh and then post it. It's far too late for me at the moment. That's all folks.

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