Monday, January 21, 2013

Meadham Kirchhoff Fall 2012

As I watch the parade procession of rainbow colours captured in stills- all that's left as proof of the Meadham Kirchhoff spectacle of Fall 2012 I see a story unfold and feel lonely I wasn't there. The fanfare of colours and intermingling textures makes me feel in the midst of an Allison Goldfrapp nightmare with many subtle and shimmering eyes watching me and bright colours acting almost as an assault on the sense with disco light accompaniment. It's a fantastic attack though with so much to drink in. At times I see slain monsters or the metamorphosis of models portraying sweet little girls becoming grizzly beasts. Then there's also the huge fur stoles and shawls slung around with such movement that again makes me salivate for the touch and feel of such bold stripes on my bare skin. I long and hunger over the quirkier accessories in the way of gloves and huge coats, the likes of which have never been seen. I don't know whether this is a circus, or more like the decent into madness captured in spectacular fashion on a catwalk but I do know I like the looks of it and I hunger for more. At first we see traditional and expected Fall tones in the way of golden brown and orange reminiscent of the first fallen leaves of the season but intermingling with a variety of comfortable and cosy materials such as over-sized sweaters, cardigans and sparkly tights. Also plaid worms it's way in their with a very haute, stereotypical Librarian-esque tone suggested by knee length hem skirts, buttons all the way down and accentuated collars. Also like a librarian at times there is a look of utter contempt as if someone broke into song in the middle of silent reading hour. How dare they.

Next we see glittery bustiers and the mock fish scales give way to dresses more akin to ancient lingerie and night gowns your grandmother might have once owned. That sounds a very unjust appraisal, but that's only because I feel so inept at expressing myself at the moment. In reality they are majestic, capturing movement and totally free from the pungent sting of mothballs. I suppose I brought up the whole analogy because of delicate white lace in contrast to the main colour skirting at the bottom of each dress, the fiddly buttons and ribbons securing the collars. These looks are updated with swirling masses of brightly coloured hair, a jacket that speaks so strongly of school spirit and looks to be made entirely of plastic tinsel that you would dust a Christmas tree in. I really love that jacket though and I swear if I am unable to find it then so help me I will make one myself once I visit the nearest two dollar store and clear out their bargain bin! So I'm totally nuts over that jacket, but also the shapeless shift dress that seems extended a good few feet does drive home that fashion doesn't always have to be sexy and showy. Also that purple pastel is probably my favourite colour of all time and those amazing, tinted fur stoles are the best things in the world. It makes me sad to know they are virtually impossible to buy a year later, but I will still always have hope to hold on to.

I was totally amazed and blown away with the intricacy of colours meshed together in these fur coats, and also unfortunately their price tags which broke my heart. Of course I understand that people of my own budget and socio-economic status aren't generally meant to break into the hardcore world of fashion, but that's what makes it so much more special when someone does through blogging and writing. Only then could I feel like Indian Tiger tamer covered in glamorous pelts or a giant ice-cream sundae pixie. I usually think of this collection containing bright colours and leaning towards monsters children make out of sweaters under their beds or in their closets but as usual Meadham Kirchhoff also lean towards the sweeter side. Of course there were sparkly shoes provided by a collaboration with Nicholas Kirkwood (as per usual) and sparkly tights aren't that hard to come by but when you can't buy a knock off and the real McCoy is too expensive I tell you, it's like a dagger to the heart. And I can't even begin to fathom how long it would have taken to create cherry motifs in fur fabrics and not to mangle their image. I've had enough run-ins with a sewing machine to know that when things go wrong, they can and as a result it takes many attempts to try and create something that does look good without being some sort of wizard or other mastery of sorcery. Mistakes are naturally occurring things and we're expected to learn from them, but when you have deadlines to meet their not much appreciated.

For the poor, broke and lost soul who would pretty much need to make a deal with the devil to afford something in these price brackets- there's a recognisable beacon of hope. A reprieve for the teenage girl who lives at home with her parents and the familiar presents itself once again: denim vests! Slogan badges and political statement buttons! Comfy sweaters! "We're saved!" we all collectively breathe a sigh of relief. Yes, the intermission stage of the show features a more accessible side of the show which is still dressed up with the same uniform we've so far seen before. Picasso like highlights of the makeup seem bold and brash, but given a little thought you can buy some pretty pastel lipsticks to wear as war paint in many different places. And hey- an unsteady hand reminiscent of a Parkinson's patient can turn into a cool zig-zag eyebrow to frame your beautiful face. Sparkly tights in different colours can be found widely on auctions sites and marketplaces online. And finally, plaid skirts can be found in the humblest and most remote of thrift stores. There is still hope. We will not back done. We will become members of the Meadham Kirchhoff army.

From here on in we reach the point of no return and see the collection take an even crazier turn- and yes, it was possible and it being a collection from Edward Meadham Benjamin Kirchhoff it was pretty much inevitable and a given. It's just a little more luxurious, there's more glamour and metallic hues that are difficult to come buy and the extravagant demonstrations of patterns jumbled together in the most impressive and carefully orchestrated of ways. To an untrained eye, it doesn't seem very clever or careful at all, but given time to take in each outfit you see colour pallets unfold and common traits shared to unfold. I for one love the groovy little kinks at the pant leg ends and the headpieces become even more ornate and eye-grabbing. Then again, with many weeks of planning my Rookie Mag DIY crowns I would say that. Sequins return and in greater numbers towards the tail end of the show and the final four looks include whole faces of colour. I've only shown the third last one, but I think you get the general idea. All images were sourced from

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