Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maddalena Annunziata Antwerp Fashion Show 2012

The world of runway catwalks and the aesthetic pleasure I derive from so many teenage girls bedrooms have finally collided together in an epic where-world-meets event. It's better and bigger than the Big Bang. OK, I could be over-exaggerating just a little bit saying this is better than the event responsible for creating everything and everyone that existed but I rather like it. And I feel frustrated that I hadn't even heard of this designer until seeing a post on another blog, so I have a duty right now to talk it up and make more people excited about it. I want to see more candles combined with floral garlands and floaty dresses of pastel tones and ensure the creative continuation of this train. Is that really so wrong? Didn't think so. 

Naturally the crown caught my eye since I haven't seen candles used in that way and there's always some hiding in the corner of every thrift shop. So if, like me, you haven't thought of using plain and non-scented candles- there you go. It's rather chic in a you-look-like-a-birthday-cake kind of way. But that's fine; birthday cakes make people happy and grant wishes which is totally awesome! I've shown off my favourite look first because I was just so taken with the yellow bead detail of crosses on the bust and the collar. Also the unusual structure which features a tight blue bust that ends at the armpit and drips exquisitely like a jellyfish to the end with serene white skirting more clean and pure than a top-notch hotel's linen closet. I love the look of it and also the dreamy possibility of wearing galaxy leggings underneath and platform wedges or something tall and eccentric with it to accentuate legs. Radical.

Among the cute use of beads, candles and pristine perforations, zig zag stripes also wormed their way into Maddalena Annunziata's collection for 2012 sitting on some of the thicker tops and jackets. I'm so used to seeing zig zags and patterns being portrayed with a certain intensity and assault of colour I completely forgot there is also a softer side to the side of print and embellishment. I think the bodice of the collection's dresses do look better with a thicker material to support their design and a softer material for the peplum/ skirting at the edges. It just breaks up the look visually despite it all being the same colour and emphasises the different parts that came about together for the look. Those facets can easily be overlooked when a complicated pattern or material is introduced, but here everything is introduced in moderation.

I'm non-religious and don't generally consider trends that border on the spiritual. I'm too worried about doing it wrong and misappropriating things which seems to be a big misdemeanour among the fashion world at the moment and I would hate to think I've genuinely caused offense- BUT! I do think crosses are (relatively) harmless if you are that way inclined and there's little hints of subversion in this collection so I feel safe in coveting it. There's more candle crowns and jewels sitting nestled in fake flowers and similar structured dresses. Above is a more cape-like structure in the top half of the dress and what is more akin to a peplum frilling at the edge and a waist that starts under the armpits. I wonder how it would feel to wear something with such an unconventional structure, but predominantly white clothes has a sort of power over me. So many ceremonies in Western culture emphasis white to be a colour to be reckoned with and I generally avoiding it when getting dressed from day to day. But the cute headband adds a ceremonial, pomp and circumstance touch to the dress which I admire. It makes the theme even stronger and more apparent.

Through what television and popular culture has taught me in the way of baptisms, this is probably one of the more extravagant styles you could think of to wear white (and with such killer golden pants too!) but I still have that strong connection of the tailoring to religion. The stand out for this selection is the perforated design that have to compete with the pleats of a skirt; it's so reminiscent of paper-thin origami which is so fickle when I attempt to do it. For those who love the more witchy and coven aesthetic of clothing I recommend the cutest ever miniature cape with long sleeves covering the top half of this dress. Can you imagine what it would look like when dressed up with a Miu Miu collar from that famous Summer/ Spring collection of 2010? Mmm... simply visually delicious. I could just eat it up since it looks as light and floaty as whipped cream and delicately sweet (how's THAT for synaesthesia).

I always wonder how I can bring together pastel tones and red without a horrible, fight-to-the-death-cage-match ensuing, but Maddalena Annunziata really seems to be spot on in her creations. I think the key is to downplay the colours of both and let them just act as accessories to a bolder style and motif. While I don't necessarily think of plain white straight away as a big power play opponent when it comes to the vast spectrum of light and colour, when down well in a minimalist setting it really does shine through. Thick eyeliner and waxy candles does help drive that aesthetic in the right direction. As well as wavy gravy structure of peplums which look renewed and imbued with a whole other life force when sitting so high on the model so this new and seemingly futuristic style of dress has me easily won over. The ponytail wrapped around the hair tie is also a simple, but classy touch that makes this look really ephemeral and beauteous.

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