Thursday, January 24, 2013


I'm going to say this out loud and acknowledge that in terms of my short life I have had a pretty good and easy run so far: I have known love. The first type of love is platonic love. yesterday I spent most of the day decorating my room and looking through photo albums I kept from my senior year of high school and displaying them on my wall for the first time. It's important that I do have photographs to capture moments that will fade away into nothing more than a dream. But I can still hold on to the feelings of the day, be reminded that these people were some of the most important at the time and that I did have friends. I suppose I have anxiety about friendship and stuff because I got kicked out of circles and groups quite a lot throughout the thirteen or something years of schooling I received. In university it's not such a huge deal and you can amuse yourself and do your own thing but when it counted I did have shoulders to lean on and cry on. We swapped stories and made one another laugh hysterically late into the night. They were truly some of the best years of my life.

Also I've been lucky enough to settle down into a nice relationship with a guy I mention quite a lot on my blog and more so recently. I know it's termed "unprofessional" or whatever to mention him considering I am trying to steer this in the direction of a fashion blog but it's also a personal outlet. Discussing him and talking him up is something I realistically need to do more with my family, but since he's been around for more than two years hopefully my parents would begin to think he's important and a precious aspect of my life now. If there's any achievement within the last three years of my life I sure am proud of having him as my corner man. He's managed and handled my panic attacks, hysteria and sadness and in return I only hope he feels rewarded by my smiling face, passion and humour. His best quality is that he brings out the best in people and wants to make them better which matches my wild and ambitious side which I unleash on the academic year and on holiday through writing this website. He's supported me dressing weird and hasn't complained whereas even at nineteen and being illegible to vote my mother insists I change clothes if she's too embarrassed by me. Hamish has never done that and gives me room to be myself. I value that so much.

So whether you are absolutely crazy about working on your own sense of self and developing as a person, enjoying the witty banter only great friends can share or finally the solace that comes with travelling in a family pack I am sure no matter how lonely you feel you can dig deep and remember something comforting. Maybe a guy almost put his arm around you to point something out on the bus. Maybe you knocked hands with someone till they finally mustered the courage to hold the damn thing. It hurts when love leaves us through an untimely death, a sickness or disease or it turns scorned. But having it to begin with is special and I for one will never try to take it for granted. You can care for something, grow attached and then love that as well. Love comes in many shapes and forms and I don't think it's right for politicians to use their influence to shape the world around their own ideological beliefs. Love is universal and we shouldn't try to ban it but rather celebrate it.

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