Thursday, January 17, 2013


Wearing: DIY Crown, DIY gingham top, Dangerfield dress worn as skirt, Harrison t-bar strap shoes, silver cross from my best friend, pink prison rosary from eBay, vintage Polly Pocket bracelet.

I'm still learning what it means to smile in photos at the moment so some 'black lipstick' AKA black face paint was the perfect grunge touch to an otherwise girly outfit. Seriously though, if anyone wants to sponsor me for makeup or something I have no better alternatives lying around at the moment. Also this is an accurate representation of how I wear my hair for most of Summer. When it's boiling hot, I keep it up and off my neck but this was one of my messier bus. There are no coloured extensions or anything sassy about it though- which I will have to rectify at some point. There's also the top I made which looks a little wonky but still nice in photographs.I've been really caught up in making things at the moment- including collaging like the Tasmanian Devil from Loony Tunes in a tornado of rabies and scissors. I'm just kidding, I've had all my necessary shots guys.

I really wanted to use this doll to make some brooches and stuff just cutting underneath their heads, but then my mother mentioned it as a gift from my aunt. I've had it since childhood so that would also make me feel super guilty. Instead it might just be a token item in my creepy girl shrine. I didn't take enough photographs properly, but the back of the grandma's head is a wolf and the underside is of Little Red Riding Hood so it's like three dolls in one. It's also a testament of multiple personality disorder in a creepy, Grimm's fairy tale sense so obviously it's super cool. Also I am in love with the blue yarn hair- it makes me want to buy a blue wig and a bonnet to imitate her and the print of her dress reminds me of Liberty from London. It's pretty perfect and the print can contest with my Dangerfield dress.

This is my super attractive, "hot weather is disgusting" face- which only looks good when worn with black lips. Or it makes the look cuter which I am totally OK with. I was really happy that I applied the face paint more neatly this time and I don't so much cosy up to the Lady Gaga Paparazzi trend but rather my own way of wearing it. There's a definite lack of yellow and Mickey Mouse motifs which contributes to that factor. I am less impressed with the messy hair that sticks out at every angle; but you can't have it all. Also my plastic rosary necklace matches my top I made which is pretty cute. Despite the expression of my mouth and eyes combined into utter disdain for humidity and high temperatures.

These are the shoes I had to wear as part of my school uniform and my mother insisted on getting a new pair for my final year. At the time it made no sense to me since my old pair would fall apart in the middle of the year when no one cared anymore but no. I had to live my life obeying the rules. I'm tempted to begin wearing them again since there's a lot of life left in the leather but I still need to figure out how to avoid looking like a high school student through style. Here they seem cliche with pastel tones and a dress but I think some wide leg pants in strange patterns or leggings with statement socks may help a little as well. I'm also thinking of drawing some smiley faces on them with fabric paint or painting them in coat after coat of glitter which is a little difficult given the perforated holes. I'll think of something though- don't you worry about me.

From left to right: purple daisy and blue broken heart ring from Matina Amanita, Stolen Girlfriends Club bow ring and vintage estate gold heart ring from eBay.

I forgot how glorious it was to wear my stacker rings! It feels good not to have the dishes and remedial chores interfering with what I wear (for once). This is where most of my gold rings fit into- since buying chunky gold rings in cool designs often means getting huge mens' rings to re-size or forking out tonnes of cash. These rings however, are so much more precious and dainty than the usual rings I wear which friends refer to as comical knuckle dusters. Rings are among my favourite pieces of jewellery, but when I'm doing practical things they tend to get in the way and I hate scratching them. It's been a while since I've bought some new jewels, but at the moment I'm more fixated on creating clothes and stuff for my own outfit posts and loving every moment of it. I wonder if I can convince my friends to make DIY crowns with me when we next hang out... 


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, love this outfit. x

  2. This has been my favorite outfit from you so far!! Black lipstick makes everything amazing.

    1. Thank you Britney! This means a lot considering I made both the headband and top myself :)

  3. You. Are. Gorgeous!! Your style is amazing! Uh everything is just perfect.

  4. Black lipstick look's fabulous on you - you pull it off so well!

  5. I love you DIY gingham top! and rosaries are always sooo precious!

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