Monday, January 28, 2013

Living Space

Here's a little showcase of what my room looks like when it's nice and neat- and hey look! I redid the posters and stuff on my wall and am very, very low on blue tack. Oh well, it was all worth it and I particularly like my display of pretty graphic cards and one exceptionally funny zine produced by a guy from my graduate year. He won the citizenship award incidentally. SO that's finally done, but I think it needs a little more lace and bows and glitter which is difficult to do in such a way as that it can be taken down later. On my bed is a wonderful crochet blanket I bought for a measly four dollars and I decorated my windowsill with curiosities and stuff from around the house. It was mainly raiding the kitchen cupboard of birthday candles and cake toppers that did it. I think I'll buy some more candles and stuff today though for a Virgin Suicides/ the crypt of Romeo + Juliet vibe. With less death.

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