Saturday, January 26, 2013


Wearing: Miss Shop blouse, Perks and Mini fangs necklace, crucifix necklace a gift from my best friend, Lovelysally Le Souris leggings, Rubi shoes gladiator platforms.

My goodness I feel talk when stomping around the yard wearing wedges, but you know what? They also seem to make my legs go on forever when I wear them with slimming leggings- and this is a favourite pair of mine. It's a lot of fun to actualy wear them instead of cleaning dust off of them. Dust: my mortal enemy. How it manages to get on everything and everywhere I will never know. These photographs were taken in the early morning on a Summer's day before the weather warmed up to a thirty-seven degree day. That's in Celsius people, not on your sissy Faranheitt! I was just happy to enjoy the serene settings of my garden once again, the lush and glossy leaves and some black lipstick.

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  1. Those leggings are cool! And oh man 37 degrees thats so hot!!! Celsius is so much easier to use, it makes so much more sense to me.