Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Image Pirates

Image Source: Lazy Oaf?

Image Source: Moon Magic
All of these images don't belong to me and I don't have sources for, even though quite a lot of them were taken from the blogs of people I admire and would hate to upset. (DISCLAIMER: If you do recognise anything that is yours, please comment below so I can give you credit. I am not attacking you, I'm just discussing image hijacking and stuff and Internet etiquette). Why have I done this you ask? Well whenever go to save an images I often don't save the URL as the file name or whatever and these accumulate and snowball until I have a mountain of really pretty things that I generally can't share or I don't feel is right to share. No matter how much I want to. I've had some rather angry and passionate response of people not being credited and I'm usually so blown away that I do whatever the hell they want even if it involves jumping through a burning hoop. The Internet allows us to exchange ideas through text, images, music and film nowadays and is generally awesome and how I've diddled away most of my teenage years. In school we're told "not to share personal information online because once it is out there, IT IS OUT. And you can never get it back. EVER." But strangely for such personal things as an image taken or collage created the opposite occurs and we want to share it, show it off but feel really burdened when it's "misused" and write strongly worded letters. I understand both sides of the argument, that you want all the attention associated for being it's creator but you can't not expect these things to happen because it's rather common and rampant. I don't know, it's a fine knife edge I've found and I am completely crap when dancing along the blade and seem to step on a lot of toes. And I'm annoyed at myself and I'm annoyed in general.

Image Source

Image Source: Moonrise Kingdom

Image Source: Vogue- Kate Moss at the Ritz Hotel

This is one of the few images that I do remember being associated with in terms of it's original context. The photograph was associated with how "slut shaming" doesn't work and is bad for moral and stuff- which I agree with in turn because implying rape is a woman's fault is totally immoral and just plain wrong when they've been so violently victimised. No one deserves to have forced sex on them and it's not God's way of punishing them or anything like that. It's because someone else had social problems and didn't do things the normal way and stole something from them and thus violated them. That's not your fault. Seeing 'slut pride' marches and "taking back the night for women" feels like an important step for the modern day feminist because we should all have the right to feel safe where ever we are and women don't instigate and bring these things open themselves. Clothes are meant to be expressive of who we are and sometimes to try and get some compliments a woman wears a nice blouse or something else because she feels good doing it. Men generally don't receive such attention and reception when they dress how they like but still aren't immune to societies ills' being pressed upon them.

Image Source
I'm in a political observing/ up-starting mood at the moment and it's an easier way then to try and make my room nice and pretty or to sell things on eBay at the moment. Although I do have the prime chance to grab some auction realty myself and make some more room in the process. Also I fear my collection of image posts have been lacking a certain direction and star factor in what I do discuss so this big topic thing seemed like a good idea and I've gotten my feelings out by vocalising which feels pretty grand. It's not the end of the world if someone likes an image you created so much they wanted to show it off too, but in terms of unspoken rules and stuff I wonder if there needs to be the publication of a handbook or something among bloggers so we can all work together in harmony and stuff and not squabble. That might be a neat idea.

Image Source: Marc Jacobs

Image Source: Marie Antoinette directed by Sofia Coppola

Image Source: Tavi Gevinson

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  1. There is a duty to protect your copyright under the law. Easily saved pictures are not protected. Some interpret this to mean that a watermark or logo gives a picture protection. I disagree because there is an easy way to make it difficult to download. Netiquette dictates that you credit the source where you found the pictures you post on picture social networks.