Sunday, January 6, 2013

House of Holland Resort 2013

Although I am trying lately not to be a total fan-girl when it comes to teenage girl nostalgia and in particular American sub cultures I still can't resist a dynamo cheerleader skirt. You know what I'm talking about: classier than a mild tennis skirt which seems far to obsessed with pleats and structurally intricacy and more on the school spirit of bold colour combinations and flares. The newest House of Holland collection for 2013 mixes up bold cobalt blue with softer tones of pastel along with motifs of pom poms accident? I think not! Clearly this is the integration of all cheerleader paraphernalia worming it's way into the collection. There's also some wicked block colour themed dresses of stripes that could probably drive Pierrot the clown to loose the baggy clothes and settle for something more snuggly and cosy. Myself? Isn't it obvious. I'd give just about anything to be held in the arms of and caressed by a well designed but new dress in the vain of high school queens. Or what I typically like to think of as the queens of the neighbourhood.

Choosing between the pink and blue tones from this collection is just about tearing my heart in half at the moment- but considering I won't be able to afford these pieces because of my dud memory. The dresses and this H monogram sweater range in the hundreds of dollars and even though House of Holland is stocked through websites such as Asos which have a student discount, with such a Goliath giant of a price tag the savings literally feel like peanuts. I think I may just go to a corner and sob for a while... No Adele. Be strong and stop crying all over the keyboard. Therapy is expensive and then you definitely won't be able to buy any new clothes. Just finish your damn post. Alright so the colour choices are hard and the price tags sort of make me want to melodramatically go into therapy or join a theatre production for a totally miserable character the sweater makes me think of dreamy Harry potter nightwear supplied from everyone's favourite mother-in-law Molly Weasley. This is just a tad more fashionable and with better colour schemes if i do say so myself.

Imagine the cutest Letterman sweater you always wanted to find in your favourite thrift store than magically had a love child with a petite cardigan. *Southern Belle accent* "Why Mr. H Holland you devil you". End weirdness. More than the clothes and the separate pieces of this collection I really like the styling and the way they so easily come together to be combined in different ways. That's how it should feel for a collection instead of weird and fragmented and come to think of it House of Holland has always had that firm sense of unity in pattern and theme but different colours sort of allow the pieces to be their own entities. But there's still sort of different variations among items like the skirts- being either flared and ready to go for gymnastic and "Bring It On" worthy stunts or more modest wiggle dresses with tight-hugging material but modest hemlines. These are of course offset with modern and therefore confusing white t-shirts in a Greaser, girlfriends of the T-Birds kind of way. With spangly pom pom encrusted shoes that make me dream of sex kittens and boudoir dungeons as well. 

I think it was bold to let a singlet with vertical stripes stretch out so long and sit so low unless it's its own little shift dress that needs a glamorous fur coat to wear with it too. I've probably missed the ideal season to grab the best and most glorious vintage shaggy coats though online. Again. Darn it. Anyway back to the look and shoot, it reminds me of 1940s beach photography and small children trying to wade in at the ocean's tides. It might be the short chopped hair and angelic cherub curls but I have the compulsion to shear this top short and wear it midriff style with maybe an alluring black bustier underneath. The long and stretched out length as it is though- although is not very sexy, the enduring adorable nature does remind oneself that fashion doesn't always have to be a strange facade and it can also be nostalgic and magical in it's own right revisiting dusty stories.

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