Sunday, January 13, 2013

High School Rookie

Wearing: DIY Crown, Skirt bought from America (Forever 21?), vintage blouse from Asos Marketplace, Miss Shop polka dot sweater.

I don't think I wrote a proper introduction to this crown which is the design I first thought of and sort of obsessed over. I'm a perfectionist at heart and wanted to make sure I made it look as awesome as ever to bring out it's true, feminist potential. I bought a bunch of Sylvanian animals from a thrift store for six dollars for seven figures or something and the beaver girl was my favourite. Of course I had to capitalise on the puns and associations there. I originally wanted to name this "Pussy Pride" or something outrageous but for that to make sense the figure would have to be a cat. Anyway that's a heart in silver behind her in case you can't figure that out- I should have made that a little bit bigger but it's a bit too late to change anything now. It's more like a Victoria Secret decoration which is ironic because I think that is the worse televised event within the last century. Easily.

The headband itself sort of sits awkwardly on my head so it's not quite front on, but I don't quite see myself risking the structural integrity of the pipe cleaners. I haven't yet hit my stride for making these babies yet but already I am thinking of themes like space aliens and Easter coming up so expect to see these crazy guys worming their way into more outfit posts.


  1. OMG YOU ARE THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!! I love that crown, it was PERFECT!

  2. Aawww how cute! I like your mixed print outfit too x

  3. This is so rad! Very creative! :D