Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flower Child

Wearing: DIY crown, cross from my best friend, Miss Shop polka dot sweater, Dangerfield blue floral dress, Chloe Sevigny X Opening Ceremony buckle boots and thrifted crochet blanket.

This is a sort of staged, recreation of what I wore to my boyfriend's family function but I didn't wear the headband and had more boring shoes. I also wasn't dragging my blanket around with me everywhere with me at this stage. The blanket just manages to pull together all the colours together in a nice way and complements the fuzzy spots on my jumper as well. Yesterday was spent getting to know my camera again and trying to make more crowns, but I finally found something I can't hot glue gun. Today I'm getting out of the house and playing more video games with my boyfriend. I realised to my horror this morning the glue from playing with fake eyelashes last night has settled into my natural lashes so I had to wear mascara to cover that up.

I've reached the conclusion that my hair is ridiculously long and that it will probably plot against me and grow a brain of its own if I gave it some strange shampoo. So I'm thinking of getting it cut, or dyeing the ends or something strange since it is getting difficult to wear long. Also I fear it's been the same too long, which is boring and I can only entertain myself for so long with manicures and pedicures. The only positive to my hair at the moment is that when I can be bothered wearing DIY crowns is that my hair looks even more, luxurious? It has a nice quality and sheen even if it does seem to occupy the entirety of my state of being.

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