Monday, January 21, 2013

Fish Out of Water

Wearing: Denim jacket pinched from my brother, DIY gingham top, thrifted scrunchy, earrings borrow from Mum, skirt bought off eBay (ghosts and flowers), Jellybeans pink plastic sandals, Deadly Ponies Mr Mini Fill N' Zip magenta handbag with Deadly Ponies Mr Lure fluffy tail key chain and other key chains gifts.

This is my interpretation of how a serious fashion blogger looks and feels with really nice and expensive silk skirts and leather handbags. All I was missing was cat eye sunglasses to complete the look. Because, you know, my future is so bright I have to wear shades and all that jive. The shots were I look squinty is due to the sunlight and not being accustomed to taking photographs outdoors. I really like the way the crazy succulent plant, red brick and blue all came together though and it feels that Byron Spencer's photography inspired this photo set. I'll try to keep up this sort of suave reputation so people sit up and take note of how awesome I am.

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