Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY Gingham Top

Wearing: DIY gingham top, lipstick from Target (bought by Mum), cross necklace from my best friend and vintage Levi's pink shorts.
Coat hanger crocheted by my grandmother.

I made this out of a clean table cloth I picked up at a thrift shop for 25c- how unbelievable! Some people will throw anything out. The sewing I did is really bad since it's the first time I've used a sewing machine since about sophomore year so just over three years? It was meant to be practice anyway. I used an existing garment as a template but the problem is I used something with more stretchy fabric so this is quite snug on me and the neckline is a little weird with very small straps... The good news is that when I hang it on a clothes hanger it does look like a piece of clothing. I'm really proud to wear it- like when Harry Potter provides Dobby with a sock and a means of freedom from slavery. I feel like I am Dobby- this is my pillowcase uniform since the structure is so boxy and weird but I am happy. A free elf. The scraps will be used as the basis of some more Rookie inspired DIY crowns coming at you at the speed of light or as soon as I catch my breathe. Sewing for three hours is sure tiring! But this alone didn't take all of three hours- I'll show you what else I cam up with really soon.


  1. oh that top is so cool! I was thinking today about how much I actually love gingham and that I should make a dress with it!