Sunday, January 20, 2013


Here's a sneak peek of what I borrowed from my local library and the joyous sounds I soaked in the last few weeks. It's an eclectic collection with old and new albums but it's always fun to give something new a try (but all good things in moderation). My favourites so far have been Ben Folds, the Triple J compilation disks and The White Stripes. Keep in mind I haven't given everything a listen yet, but I am slowly getting there! Ben Folds has really intricate, but boppy upbeat tunes with complicated jamboree piano combined with his mastery of story-telling. The White Stripes is just gorgeous and bass heavy; it makes my heart melt a lot. I must absolutely get my hands on Jack White's latest release- I heard it so much on the radio last year and it was just fantastic.

Here's my current craft corner! There are the forty astronomy magazines to which I referred to earlier courtesy of my super cool and generous dad, a zip line bag full of small toys and handy junk to be used for future DIY crowns and some silver pipe cleaners resting on my pink Dr Martens. This is what I fondly refer to as organised mess and this is the only part of my room I can show you at the moment. I have seven weeks left until university starts up again which I'm sure is plenty of time to clean my room...

Wearing: Thrifted beanie, felt bear badge from etsy (hanaletters), Tinkerbell pin from Disneyland, thrifted crochet blanket, mermaid necklace from Kamibashi string dolls, Souvenir shirt from Dick's Last Resort in San Diego, vintage pink Levi's shorts and burgundy socks from my childhood.

HELLO! I look like I escaped from a hospital when I try to wear my latest thrift store find; this amazing crochet blanket I bought for four dollars but it is still a lot cheaper than a long cardigan for three hundred dollars. I don't wear this shirt a lot, but when I stayed over at a friend's house I was determined to be comfortable in a hobo-chic kind of way and also comfortable. We ate copious amounts of chocolate cake and pudding. It was fantastic. I almost went to dinner wearing this blanket but then decided to leave it in the car. I was then cold in Summer which is unheard of when you live in Australia. 

I feel like such a vagabond but who knows what I'll feel like tomorrow. I'm just motivated to dress up a little bit more with a mountain of positive feedback to keep my spirits lifted. A little more variation should be in order though with some newly manicured nails- even if it's a home job. I just need to wear something other than these shorts because the draped threads are getting more torn and ruined the more I wear these shorts. It just seemed fitting to match the yellow and orange of my blanket. I never want to leave my new blankets side- not ever.

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